The Phoenix Party is the nationalist political party ruling the Kingdom of South Anglia.


The Phoenix Party came into being after the Kingdom of South Anglia was "liberated" from its obligated alliance with the Republic of China following the latter's war against the Cathay Federation and Eurasian Empire. Built on South Anglian nationalism, the Phoenix Party modeled itself after croixism but leaned to a totalitarian agenda, with strong anti-communism and anti-Coalition rhetoric. However, the Phoenix Party did not have powerful majority and instead turned to its ally, the United Technocracies of Man for aid. Needing an anti-Coalition, the Technocracies agreed by sending their agents in burning down the South Anglian Parliament building and covertly spreading a virulent strain of the Lazarus virus throughout the planet. The Phoenix Party blamed the crisis on communist rebels and Coalition agents, respectively, and their popularity soared to even greater heights. Taking over the government, the Phoenix Party enacted a program of “purifying” South Anglian society in which people of European descent, "communists" and "Yankees" are exterminated.

The Phoenix Party reigned for over ninety years until in 2698, a Catholic terrorist anarchist set off a nuclear device under the newly rebuilt Parliament building and sparked off an attempted revolution. The Phoenix-ruled government was able to crush the rebellion, but this inspired dissent in the system of Norwich and leading to a civil war between South Anglia and the Protectorate of Lancaster.


  • The Phoenix Party is based on fictional fascist Norsefire Alan Moore's graphic novel V for Vendetta.
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