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Preußen-class Armored Cruiser

Under-appreciated during its service in the Collapse, the Preußen-class armored cruiser was actually a ship ahead of its time, pioneering many features that would become standard in later ships. Many of these cruisers were destroyed during the Collapse but other groups have taken to constructing them for their own fleets.


The Preußen was designed with many experimental choices in mind, such as having a modular engine system, spinal coilguns, a "horizontal" profile and armor, features that would distinguish the "new" model warships of the Galactic War from the "old." The Preußen is the first "sniper ship," designed to use its only weapon, a spinal coilgun, to take shots at enemy vessels from beyond effective range. The Preußens coilgun outranged all but the largest battleships, allowing it to attack with impunity. Because of the Preußens unconventional design it took much longer to begin mass production, as many factories and orbital stations were not prepared to put it together. Only a few thousand of the cruisers were made before the beginning of the German Civil War and the Collapse, making it a rarity in the Reich's fleets.


The Preußen's performance during the Collapse was lackluster, as many fleet commanders used them to close in on the enemy instead of using them to attack the enemy from a distance. The few Preußens constructed were mostly destroyed during the fighting, the only survivors leaving with the Imperial Fleet. These surviving Preußens were later reverse engineered and became the workhorse of the Imperial and later Coalition Navy, and were used properly during the Endless War. Many fell into the hands of the Conseil during the Coalition invasion and saw some use. Both superpowers eventually gave away their Preußens to their client states, who continue to use them. The United Technocracies in particular likes to use the Preußens for system defense.