Prisoner 1141541 was the designation for an unidentified woman who was arrested on the premises of Outpost 200, a highly defended Coalition installation, in the Sh41 system after attempting to steal Object 223 and several Coalition Navy encrypting machines. She was charged with attempted robbery, breaking into a government facility and impersonating a Coalition employee.

Prisoner 1141541 was taken to Detention Center 15B and interrogated by NCPDF Officer Anthony Mancuso. She was shown to be insane and was acting on her own will, claiming that she infiltrated Outpost 200 for personal enjoyment. She furthermore, though disturbingly, explicitly revealed that her purpose for coming to Outpost 200 involves in the total extermination of humanity before "it’s off to some other boring reality." Mancuso, already disturbed by 1141541, and believing she is absolutely insane, tried to shoot her but only for her to suddenly took control of his gun and, apparently, the entire detention center.

Immediately thereafter the detention center was dropped out of contact with the rest of Outpost 200. An investigation team that was dispatched discovered that every human being on the premises contracted severe Vacuity Syndrome and Object 223 was never recovered. Prisoner 1141541 currently remained at large.

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