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Republic of Acadia
Type of Government: Military dictatorship
Organizations: Springfield Pact

The Republic of Acadia is commonly regarded as the weakest of the major Springfield Pact powers, and named as the so-called "sick man of the Inner Sphere". Acadia was feared throughout the Inner Sphere for centuries, only being repelled from complete takeover of Sol by a union of Venusian and Martian forces in the Battle of the Cronian Moons.


Acadia was founded as a democratic federation of lightly damaged American and European systems in the wake of the Collapse. Although the government was originally somewhat restricted, it gained more and more power as marauding groups attacked its worlds from the chaos of the outside galaxy and radical parties waged wars on the streets within. National security became a major concern, so the dominating Centrist Party began to take action by gradually increasing the power of the military. By the 2400's, Acadia became the military dictatorship it is today.

At its height, Acadia ruled much of the Inner Sphere, including most of the Solanum States and parts of what are now the Conseil Systems. The height of Acadian power was during the 2550's, when Acadia attempted to take the cradle of mankind: the Sol System. The then-formidable Acadians were turned back and slowly their empire decayed as the Conseil began to recover from their civil war and war against the Coalition. Sharing a mutual enemy, the Acadians became quick allies of the Coalition, but its growing incompetence led the Coalition to favor states such as Solanum in later centuries.


The Center Party and military regularly jockey for power, with a military coup conducted every few years when military leaders believe the Party has become too powerful. A majority Protestant nation, religious factions sometimes get involved, with the military almost always opposing them. This trend has become increasingly common in recent years, believed to be the work of the Coalition attempting to push more rabidly anti-Conseil politicians into power. Like the Coalition, Acadians hold their founders in great regard, but take a step further; the Acadian branch of the Catholic Church has granted every single Acadian founder sainthood.


Although a fairly weak state itself, Acadia participates in its own machinations against the United Technocracies in the Western Fringe. This is mostly due to historical ties it has with the states there. Acadian arms (really weapons handed down to them by the Coalition) have been found in the hands of the Coloradan Federation, a state often at war with the Technocracy-supported Imperial Commonwealth of the Milky Way and Greater Seidonian Protectorate. This has led to the United Technocracies refusing to diplomatically acknowledge Acadia and requests to the Coalition to “reel in” its ally. For their part, the Coalition is furious whenever weapons meant to be used against the Conseil are instead sent to backwater wars and has frequently sided with the United Technocracies in these disputes.

Reliant on Coalition advisers and aid, the Acadian military can be most generously described as determined in the face of overwhelming odds. Some Acadian reserve divisions are fitted with old chemically-propelled Coalition weapons three centuries old. Their armored forces are no different: old models with acceptable armor and formidable firepower but with lackluster speed. Acadian doctrine supports besieging enemy positions, but most artillery pieces have outdated sensor equipment and require scouting units for spotting. Acadian light vehicles famously lack overly heavy weapons, relying more on weapons passengers carry with them. The Acadian “super soldier” program is one of the most extensive in the galaxy, but the number of super soldiers is too limited to play any major role in a war. But even with their material and numerical flaws in facing the Conseil, the typical Acadian soldier is fanatically loyal. Their fanaticism makes rooting out Acadian units much more difficult given what Acadian forces have.