Republic of China
Flag of ROC
Type of Government: Dictatorship
Colonel: Zhang
Organizations: Communist International

The Republic of China is a corrupt Conseil-supported dictatorship under the crazed Colonel Zhang. Once a premier power based in the Peking system, a devastating war with Eurasia and Cathay reduced it to a second-rate power sharing a world with it's former vassal. Historically an enemy of the Coalition, the Republic of China has launched terrorist attacks against the American superpower prior to the Second 240-300 War.


The Republic of China was initially founded by the governor of the Peking system, who viewed the Collapse as proof of the Chinese Communist Party's ineptitude. Unlike most other post-Collapse powers, the Republic sought out strength through defending trade routes (for a price) as opposed to direct conquest (although the Republic occasionally engaged in this, such as against Anglia). As the wealth of the Republic increased, so did the corruption within its ranks. The Republic's bureaucracy was big enough to see money disappear through the cracks. The corruption eventually hurt the Republic as its clients revolted against it. After the Cathay revolution, the Republic attempted to reconsolidate its power but was defeated in another war against Cathay and Eurasia. The Republic lost its capital of Peking but was allowed to relocate to the Anglia system. The Republic's old ally, the Kingdom of South Anglia, turned against the Republic after the rise of the Phoenix Party (officially because the Party started the Lazarus plague). The white supremacist Phoenix Party's genocide of ethnic Chinese has almost sparked a war with the Republic.

The modern Republic has been a de facto dictatorship for several centuries. Lacking any formal organization outside a weak constitution, the rise of dictatorship was easy. The current dictator, Colonel Zhang, has been pursuing a pro-Conseil foreign policy without turning the Republic into a communist state (in fact, corporations have become more powerful as Zhang weakens official institutions who might challenge his power). Zhang, who originated from the Republic's military, restructured the Republic's government so that he has ultimate power, with the Supreme Commander of the armed forces under him and a council of important persons (including warlords and corporate leaders) under him.

Under Zhang, the Republic sponsored terrorist attacks against the Coalition in exchange for Conseil weapons. The Republic's military has also attacked Coalition spacecraft, almost sparking war between the two but resulting in little more than a Coalition retaliatory strike. Oddly, because of the circumstances of the Second 240-300 War, both the Coalition and the Republic find themselves on the same side. Republic forces have engaged forces loyal to the Phoenix Party and the Cathay Federation. The Republic's leadership is extremely paranoid and ruthless, bombarding protesters from orbit.

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