Republic Milleaux
Language: French
Ethnic group: Korean
Type of Government: Absolute Monarchism
Empress and Dear Leader of Milleaux: Kimberly Adelina Paquet
Organizations: Springfield Pact

The Republic of Milleaux is the most power nation on Neu Stuttgart IV and was a recent member of the Springfield Pact. Milleaux was decimated during the initial stages of the Galactic War and its surviving government is comprised mostly of Empress Kimberly Adelina Paquet and a few advisers.


Milleaux emerged as the capitalist power in the aftermath of the Cerafi War; at this point, Milleaux began to form more alliances, especially with outsiders such as the Coalition, in the face of its communist neighbors. However, despite its relative weakness, after the war Milleaux had quickly ascended to become one of the most trusted Springfield Pact states. Milleaux' government was a legally a democracy, but President Paquet declared himself "emperor" and had dictatorial powers even before then.


The Milleaux government took pride in micromanaging everything within its borders, although it was far from communist. It had recently adopted a policy of Manifest Destiny, which combined with Neu Stuttgart’s cold war prompted the start of the Galactic War.


The Milleauxese military was notorious for its incompetence during the prelude to the Galactic War, where at times it even failed in retreating. Coalition advisers took a larger and larger role as the war dragged on, and now the remnants of the Milleaux military have been taken apart and their units made a part of Coalition divisions. These divisions are usually used as occupation troops or cannon fodder by the unimpressed Coalitionists.


Milleaux was colonized by ships funded by restaurant chains, of all things, giving its food much importance in Milleaux culture. Relatively technologically advanced, Milleaux possessed a chemical industry (and consequently, chemical weapons) even more developed than those of the superpowers. Because of the quirks of its colonization, Milleaux is linguistically French but ethnically Korean, while culturally it is mostly American. Milleauxese are stereo-typically very busy-bodied, quirky and hyperactive, very unlike their Coalition allies.

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