Restored British Empire
Language: English
Religion: State Church
Type of Government: Totalitarian state

The Restored British Empire is a self-proclaimed successor to the United Kingdom that was founded by exiled British nationalists on Neu Stuttgart IV.


Nationalists from Republican Britain, chosen by the British and American governments for being dangerous subversives, sought to "correct" their loss during the Great War on Neu Stuttgart IV. With a grandiose plan to conquer Neu Stuttgart IV and then the entire galaxy. This ambitious plot was met with considerable opposition from every other state on the planet, which treated the United Kingdom as an illegitimate pariah state. The Grand Duchy of New Carolina went as far as to claim the entire "British Empire"'s territory for itself, a claim backed up by the rest of the Neu Stuttgart IV states. However, before any true attack could be made, the Euskadi Revolution and Cerafi War placed squashing the British Empire once and for all on the back burner. During both conflicts, the British prepared for treachery and heavily militarized, using the wars as a pretext. By the time the Cerafi War ended and the conflict between communism and capitalism restarted, the British were too much of a pain to take over and were allowed de facto independence. This did not stop New Carolina and Milleaux from constructing a demilitarized zone with the British Empire.

The British themselves adopted the ideology of "splendid isolation," relying on nothing more than their divine right to triumph over the other states. This policy, combined with massive arms buildup, quickly starved the British people, who staged mass revolts. This led to a massive growth in government power, such as an extensive CCF (closed-circuit fernsehen) system being set up throughout the country. In order to "personalize" the state, the government adopted the image of Britannia, which quickly became the subject of a cult of personality. Fear of the outside world and of internal dissidents were used to justify an extremely totalitarian state. Britannia evolved from a mere figurehead to an actual deity, the enraged goddess of the British people who promised that the treasonous Yankees would be eventually punished for their crimes. First contact with the United Technocracies quickly blossomed into an alliance, as by that point the two governments were so extremely similar. The British were neutral during the Neu Stuttgart IV War, but this did not stop the Coalition fleet from bombarding it and destroying the British Empire in the process.

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