The Roussillon 77A "Chat" was the backbone of Milleaux military during the Galactic War, and the only native design used prominently in the conflict. Derived from the old Roussillon 77 APC as an attempt by the Milleauxese military to adopt OrbitSurface Battle, the Chat sacrifices crew space in exchange for larger reactors, engines and more weapons, acting more as anti-infantry assault vehicle than an APC. As the situation on Neu Stuttgart IV escalated, the Milleauxese military believed it could win a quick victory through a massive armored assault and rushed production of the Chat by cannibalizing almost its entire inventory of 77s. This created a large surplus of spare parts for Chats damaged in combat. However, this created a deficiency in dedicated APCs, forcing the Chats into roles that its predecessor was better suited for, such as troop transport. This resulted in many incidents where retreating or injured Milleauxese soldiers were forced to ride on top of the vehicle or go on foot, as commanders forgot about the troop carrying capacity of their vehicles, and many an assault failed because a third of the force was forced to advance on foot and couldn't keep up. The Chat pictured above is an ambulance variant, armed with only the standard loadout. Interestingly, the Milleauxese combine the roles of ambulance and infantry supply, causing even more problems as built-in supply dropboxes and cooking implements leave less room for casualties. During the war, the Chat proved reliable in its role as an assault vehicle, but its limitations as an APC is one of the many factors that contributed to Milleaux's eventual collapse.

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