Seralian Empire
Religion: Eastern Orthodox Christianity

The Seralian Empire is self-proclaimed and legitimate successor to the Roman Empire founded on Neu Stuttgart IV, but culturally influenced by the Eastern Roman Empire.


Settled by Greek refugees from the old Hellenic People's State, the Seralians adopted the name of the island they settled on but their identity was strongly based on the legacy of Constantinople. The Seralian government was deliberately based on that of old Byzantium, with some modernizations such as a Parliament. Although their ancestors were mostly atheist, a mass resurgence of Eastern Orthodox Christianity occurred alongside the growth of nationalism. By the time of the Cerafi War, Seralia was mostly Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Orthodoxy was the state religion.

Seralia quickly became the rival of the more northerly Firanja for territorial, historical and religious reasons. The two often fought wars against one another, stopping only to grudgingly fight the cerafi side by side. Seralia's post-Cerafi War history was defined by the four-way religious conflict between itself, Asturia, Firanja and the Holy Dominion of Christendom; Seralia often sided with the anti-Firanja side. With regard to the Neu Stuttgart IV cold war, Seralia was firmly in the anti-communist side, as they feared the Euskadi Democratic Republic.

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