Type of Government: Dictatorship
Time Zone: Washington Standard Time
Organizations: Springfield Pact

Sorrento was founded by Dreyfuss Aerospace Corporation prior to the Collapse. It saw a large influx of immigrants from France after the Collapse. It is culturally similar to the old American Northeast because the DAC mostly hired employees from that area. Regarded as the cultural center of the Springfield Pact, Sorrento is famous for the musical geniuses it has produced. It is the furthest left of the Coalition-aligned states, and officially considers itself a social democracy. Its government, however, is in truth a hopelessly ineffectual dictatorship, waffling between pursuing its own goals while at the same time keeping their Coalition overlords pleased. The Sorrento military focuses on its navy, the second largest in the Pact. It is famous for having cuisine revolving around peanut butter.

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