Sovereign Union of Oceania
Language: English
King-President: John Peterson

The Sovereign Union of Oceania was founded by Australian nationalists who managed to avoid being annexed into the Coalition of Western Republics by making a deal with the National Conservatives. Consequently, Oceania has been a Coalition ally longer than any other state in the galaxy, and Columbia has de facto free rule throughout the system.

The current leadership, under “King-President” John Peterson is notable for the dominance of Peterson's personality throughout Oceanian politics. Peterson has issued inspired commands such as replacing the Oceanian wet navy with “EMSEL-armed sharks” and exterminating all life from a newly-discovered xeno world with nuclear weapons with no other reason except that he could. He has even proved that he is a man that is close to the people by using protesters as personal target practice. Like his predecessors, Peterson openly sells out his country to Coalition corporate and state interests, which has over the years turned Oceania into one of the most heavily polluted countries in the galaxy. The Melbourne Sea has, over the centuries, become the primary dumping site of all Springfield Pact nuclear waste, turning the entire body of water into the first perpetually radioactive ecosystem.

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