Flag of the Soviet Union

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), or the Soviet Union, was a pre-Collapse communist nation stretching from Eastern Europe to the east coast of North Asia that was founded in 1925. After the Collapse, the legacy of the Soviet Union and its foundation was succeeded by the Conseil of Workers' Systems.


The Soviet Union came into being in the aftermath of the Kaiser's War, which proved devastating to Russia. With morale at a low ebb, and with the blame focused on the Tsar, the country collapsed, and the Russian general staff launched a coup and placed the Tsar under house arrest. The protest, however, did not quell and openly revolted against the military government and forced the military out of most major cities. After rebels captured St. Petersburg, they executed the Tsar along with his family. The revolution did not end until 1925 with the foundation of the Soviet Union.

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