Stukov class frigate by rvbomally-d5jd0qq

Stukov-class Frigate

Nicknamed the "AR45 of spacecraft," the Stukov-class frigate is one of the most successful designs of all time. Easy to manufacture and field, the Stukov-class easily outnumbers every other military spacecraft. The ship can be found in the arsenals of pirates and superpowers, serving with distinction. Even small, planetary entities can field a fleet of Stukovs, and they are the backbone of many an interplanetary and interstellar navy. Those frigates in the service of the United Technocracies Space Force are slaved to floating fortresses, acting as escorts. Some have been turned into unmanned defense installations, armed with powerful one-shot EMSEL cannons that cause the onboard reactor to melt down.


The secret to the Stukov-class' success is its simplicity. It is nothing but a primitive ion-based EMSEL cannon connected to a reactor and engines. The earliest models did not even have Alkaev engines, for they were designed for orbital defense. While powerful for its time, the original EMSEL cannon is outdated by modern standards. Because of its spinal placement, the EMSEL cannon cannot even serve as a point defense system, as aiming the cannon would necessitate moving the entire ship. However, this spinal design would later be implemented in the Preußen-class, making the Stukov the grandfather of even the mighty John D. Rockefeller-class battleship. However, many of these cannons have been replaced by more modern weapons systems.

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