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Orbital Distance N/A
Orbital Period N/A
Keplerian Ratio N/A
Radius N/A
Day Length N/A
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp N/A
Surface Gravity N/A
Mass N/A
Species Human
Capital N/A
Population 5,243,227,463

Sulingen is the fifth planet in the Platte System, and is generally a cold desert. It was a rust-red planet when the Germans first landed, bearing close similarity to the planet Mars in the Sol system. It has only one ocean on its surface: the Germans had nearly run out of water terraforming the other three planets.

Large foundries characterize this world: its rich iron reserves make it a perfect factory. Most of the cities have a cloud of smog around them, although widespread use of masks makes that a negligible nuisance. The Keller Ocean has canals branching off of it, supplying far-off cities with its water: from space, Sulingen looks as though it has lines drawn all over it. The cities, from space, look as if though dark patches were on it, a sign of the foundries' unending labor. Sulingen is German-dominated but split between the communist People’s Republic of Germany, socialist Social Republic of Germany, an anarchist Syndicalist State of Germany and the croixist National State of Germany.

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