The teufelschlange (Vulcan serpentis xenosare one of the strangest sapient species in the galaxy that humanity is aware of. Living on the tidally-heated planet of Teufelant, the teufelschlange are a silicon-based species resembling centipedes that reside in the empty magma tubes of Teufelant. Teufelant's biosphere does not require sunlight; instead, all energy comes from the frequent volcanic activity and the abundant hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere. While magma can and will kill most of the native life on Teufelant, all native life can withstand extreme heat that would cook a human alive. Teufelschlange secrete a thick, obsidian-like substance over their normal silicone carapace for extra insulation against heat. The teufelschlange lack eyesight, instead using echolocation to maneuver around their environment. 

What is known about teufelschlange society is that they are caste-based and often warlike and highly religious. Teufelschlange technology is primitive, based on using the creatures and environment of Teufelant. Sharp claws and talons from Teufelant's predators are the most common weapons, and lava is frequently used as a defensive weapon, similar to boiling oil in the Middle Ages. A primitive form of explosive, made from the digestive systems of some of Teufelant's larger creatures, has been utilized to flood enemy settlements with magma. Teufelschlange religions vilify outsiders, especially other species. It is also technophobic, rejecting the machinery of the outer galaxy. These prevent the already-xenophobic galaxy from engaging in any trade with aliens that can give them nothing of value. Because of Teufelant's peculiar environment, human and gusano weapons of mass destruction have minimal effect, making exterminating the teufelschlange a waste of time.

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