This is the timeline of the Ad Astra Per Aspera universe.



  • July 4: The thirteen colonies of the British Empire in North America proclaimed their independence over tax disputes.


  • September 3: The Treaty of Paris ends the American Revolutionary War and the American colonies are recognized as the sovereignty of the United States of America.


  • April 12: The seven cotton states in the United States declared their secession and joined to form the Confederate States of America. Hostilities between the U.S. and C.S.A. occurs a month later when Confederate forces attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina.


  • April 8: The conflict between the Union and the Confederacy ends with the surrender of Confederate general Robert E. Lee to American general Ulysses S. Grant.
  • April 15: President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated and his vice president, Andrew Johnson, is sworn in as his successor.
  • Newly sworn President Andrew Johnson, being a southerner himself, sympathized with the South and is very lenient in his policies to pursue Reconstruction, the name given to the programs used to rebuild and reintegrate the southern states. President Johnson’s attitude toward the defeated Confederate States infuriates many in the opposing Republican Party, specifically the "radical Republicans," who desired harsher terms for the former Confederacy.


  • President Andrew Johnson is successfully impeached by Benjamin Wade, who became his successor. Under Wade, the Wade-Davis Bill is passed, leading to increased tensions between the northern and southern states, as well as increased militarization.



  • Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas and Virginia are readmitted to the United States.


  • Much of the former Confederate states, with South Carolina last, are readmitted to the United States.


  • President John G. Blaine is assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in response to his insistency on black suffrage. American Reconstruction is extended to the next century. The Secret Service is criticized for not being imposing enough and is reformed as the Presidential Guard.


  • May 5: Russia and Japan, fueled by their spheres of influence in Korea, declared war on each other.


  • The USS Arizona, assigned by the U.S. Navy to ensure the safe passage of the Russian Pacific fleet, intercepts an Japanese fleet that was in pursuit in an attempt to destroy the last vestiges of Russia's Pacific navy. The Arizona is sunk by the Japanese naval fleet, spurring the U.S. into entering the Japanese War on the Russian's side.


  • During a visit to Serbia, Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia is fatally stabbed by a Muslim fanatic. Russia accused the Ottoman Empire of sending agents against its royal family, causing the two nations into war.

1916: Kaiser's War

  • The declaration of war between the Russian and Ottoman Empires set off the alliance system of Europe. The Entente (Austria-Hungary, France, the Ottoman Empire, Britain, and Japan) and the Allies (Russia, Germany, and Italy) are formed. Austria-Hungary, fearing that the Russians would overwhelm the Turks and become sole hegemons of the Balkans and having several agreements to intervene on the Ottomans’ side in case of war, declared war on Russia. France, Austria’s ally against the Prussian-led German Empire which had humiliated both during its formation, feared a German invasion and so struck against the Germans three months later. Italy, seeing its neighbors distracted and egged on by the Germans, banked on its irredentist claims and declared war on both France and Austria. Britain and Japan were the last to join the fray, joining in November and December, respectively, the former joining because of unrestricted submarine warfare.


  • Plagued with little gains from the Kaiser's War and Russia surrounded by its enemies, the Tsar is put under house arrest following a coup by the Russian military. Revolutionary groups begins an outright revolt against the military government and forcing Russia out of the war. The rebels captures St. Petersburg and executed the Tsar and his family. This sparks the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War between Russian communists and non-communists.


  • With Russia out of the Kaiser's War, the Entente began diverting troops to fight Germany and Italy. The Allies proved resistant, however, and even made progress against Austria.


  • German military forces achieves a breakthrough in the western front, beginning a slow slog toward Paris. The Ottomans, lacking a Russian foe and not wanting to lose territory by being in a losing alliance, asked for a white peace in exchange for aiding the Russians against the communists. With the Allies able to do little against the Ottomans, they agreed.
  • The German drive to Paris was blocked, and increasing civil unrest in France and Germany and communist gains in Russia forced both countries to consider a white peace and unity against the communist threat.
  • The war finally ended on July of 1920, with Germany becoming the unofficial hegemon of central Europe and both France and Britain keeping their territories and sending troops into Russia.


  • The Soviet Union is formed in the aftermath of the Russian Civil War.


  • The fabled ninth planet Chthon is discovered in the Sol System.


  • Persia enters into a state of civil war between the Persian Empire and the self-proclaimed “Socialist Republic of Iran”. The Persian Civil War eventually spilled over Persia’s borders and involved ethnic minorities in both the Ottoman Empire and Soviet Union, causing massive crackdowns in each state.


  • The Soviet Union invades Iran at the request of the communist government.

1941: Great War

  • Germany militarily reacted to civil unrest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The increasing brutality of German intervention, which rarely regarded the sovereignty of the newly-independent states there, made the Germans increasingly unpopular among the former Entente. Britain and France placed a naval blockade on Germany which infuriates Germany and its trading partner, the United States. War is declared between the Entente and the Allies.
  • The United States enter the war mostly as a formal excuse for American expansion at the Entente’s expense. The United States launched Operation Madison, the American invasion of Canada. By the end of 1941, most of Canada is in American occupation.


  • The main Pacific naval force of the Franco-Japanese fleet are destroyed in the Battle of the Fiji Islands. With the Entente naval presence diminished, the Americans engaged in an island-hopping campaign that strove to cut off the Japanese homelands and India from other Entente-held areas. In Australia, anti-croixist sentiment combined with the possibility of brutal American occupation fueled a popular movement to break away from the British Empire and seek a separate peace.


  • Soviet forces crushed the remaining remnants of Persian monarchists and advancing into the Middle East.


  • Soviet forces overruns the Ottoman Empire and declares the Anatolian People’s State in Istanbul. By the end of the year, the Ottoman sultan is forced to surrender to the victorious Soviets.
  • Belfast is destroyed in the first nuclear bombing by the Americans, forcing Britain out of the war. Despite fierce resistance from French partisans, Paris fell to Germany on June 6.
  • After the fall of France, Japan begins to advance on the former French colonies, meeting resistance from some French soldiers and native nationalists. The Soviet Union, finishing its war with the Ottomans, attempted to regain Corea. Fearing a Soviet-dominated Japan, the Americans moved quickly to end the war on their terms. An unofficial race began between the Soviets and Americans, with the Soviets desperately invading Hokkaido before the Americans dropped another nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. Faced with defeat, the Japanese surrendered to the Allies, with the Americans ultimately gaining Corea and the Soviets gaining Hokkaido.
  • The conflicts marks an end of the European empires of Britain and France and the rise of a new tripolar balance of power between America, Germany and the Soviet Union. The defeated Entente empires were carved up among the victors; instead of ending imperialism like the propaganda machines of the Allies promised, a new era of imperialism begins.


  • The United States implemented the Eaton Solution in Japan, the first American colony to do so, as an "universal solution to the ongoing issue of insurgency”.


  • The American governor of the American Raj is assassinated by Hindu nationalists in the city of Madras, signifying the first Indian opposition to American rule.


  • June 12: U.S. President Jack Miller is assassinated that sparks a national crisis. Miller's death influenced many Americans to beginning to doubt the effectiveness of American democracy and sees as only fostering division and chaos in the face of its Cold War with Germany and the Soviet Union. A decree is later enacted by the American government to transition its republic into an American Empire.


  • June 5: The State of Israel is officially carved out of German Syria. Consequently, it was controversial for the forced expulsion of the Muslim population inhabiting the area.


  • The American occupation of Japan ends at the cost of over fifteen million lives.


  • The German spacecraft Ereignishorizont is sent to Alpha Centauri and is never heard from again.


  • July 8: Dmitri Alkaev, an engineer working for the Imperial Space Administration (ISA), engineer a superluminal engine that became the basis for the Alkaev drive.


  • The Recession of 2077 begins. The National Union Party is abolished by American Emperor Wilkinson.


  • American forces retreated from the Indian sub-continent to the island of Ceylon after years of attacks by the Indian military.



  • Political conflict and rivalry between India and Moslemstan leads to the Kashmir War.


  • Imperial astronomer Joseph Platte discover the Platte System, which is colloquially named after him.


  • The French Civil War begins.


  • Cheka agent Konstantin Rodimtsev, under the false American identity of Jim Howards, is ordained by the American State Church for bombastic speeches and condemnation of “sinners” while in reality secretly indoctrinating his followers to socialist ideologies.


  • Konstantin Rodimtsev tells his congregation that he had a prophetic vision of the galaxy burning in nuclear flames.


  • The American State Church excommunicate "Jim Howards" after a particularly blunt speech that directly quoted Karl Marx at least ten times. Rodimtsev's Soviet masters, seeing his attempts to develop his own cult of personality, abandons him to the mercy of the Americans. However, Rodimtsev used money he embezzled from his Soviet masters and had made agreements with the United Americas Corporation to buy a colony world, christened as Seidonia, which he and his followers fled to after a Secret Service raid against one of his churches in Texas. Rodimtsev soon renamed his church the People's Church and become open about its communist nature, which his followers freely accepted it.


  • The German Empire, one of the three superpowers for nearly three centuries, is quickly decaying. The communist movement throughout the world, bolstered by anti-German and anti-American sentiment, ascends.
  • January 16: Chthon mysteriously collapsed on itself in an event called the "Chthon Incident".


  • An American senator visit Seidonia, where Konstantin Rodimtsev tries to present Seidonia as a utopia. The senator sees this differently, however, and is subsequently killed after trying to escape imprisonment.



  • The remnants of the Catholic Church in the Fulgenzio System is reorganized and restored.


  • Emperor Anthony Nardizzi of the Fulgenzio System dies. He is succeeded by his eldest son Joseph Nardizzi.


  • The American and German Empires cemented their alliance with the arranged marriage of Nicholas Jackson, son of American emperor Steven II, and Princess Anne of the German Empire, and creating the foundation of the United Empire. Although the American and German governments remained technically separate.


  • The Euskadi Liberation Front is founded.



  • Russian nationalist crime families seize a chain of islands from Asturia and the Holy Dominion of Christendom. The two powers attempt to retake their losses from the Russians, but since they were disputed between them they spent as much time fighting each other as they did the invaders. The Russian nationalists are eventually victorious and proclaim the foundation of Novaya Rossiya.


  • After toiling many years to fully industrialize, the people of the Greater Seidonian Protectorate only succeed in making their first space vessel.


  • Emperor Nicholas II of the United Empire dissolved the Congress and the Reichstag and held them hostage on Columbia Prime, which the incident became known as the "Columbian Captivity". This is a response to the organization's attempts to block any and all political action and prolonging the Empire’s decline as a result of Nicholas II of taking more power from the Congress and the Reichstag.

2383: Endless War

  • Anti-Imperials, anticipated by Emperor Nicholas II's Columbian Captivity, purged their local systems’ defense forces of Imperial loyalists and were given orders to strike against Imperial installations in case they were kidnapped, killed or otherwise prevented from exercising their power. Many German aristocrats had already chosen Gustav II, King of Prussia, as their new Kaiser and crowned him in Breslau. The coronation was interrupted by Imperial authorities, sparking the Endless War.


  • Pressured by the Kaiserites and American groups, and Imperial authorities being driven from the Breslau system, Emperor Nicholas II agreed to end the Columbian Captivity for both the Reichstag and Congress. However, the Kaiserites declared the reformation of the German Empire after their demands including secession from the United States and abdication of Nicholas II are refused.


  • The Italian Empire wage its conquest war against Qurac.


  • As Kaiserite forces took more and more systems, Emperor Nicholas II reluctantly concede to American nationalist organizations for support in exchange in denying his German identity and roots. Inclusion of American nationalist groups in the Imperial Army would end German success in the Endless War.


  • Emperor Nicholas II is shot by a Patriot Front fanatic, but he lingered on enough to ensure the passage of anti-discrimination laws against Germans before dying two days later. Nicholas II's son, Marcus, took the Imperial throne and immediately banned the Patriot Front and hunted down their allies.
  • The Lindbergh system and several other systems secede from the Empire and proclaimed the "restored" American Empire with Augustus White as emperor, beginning the second phase of the Endless War.


  • The "restored" American Empire, outnumbered and outproduced by the more industrialized loyalist systems, surrenders and their leaders are summarily executed in Columbia Prime for treason.
  • Emperor Marcus continues liberal reforms, to the point that the entirety of Congress became democratically elected and the President gained more and more power from the throne.


  • A republican revolution on Nova Italia overthrows the current monarchy and reestablish it with a democratic government.


  • Emperor Marcus calls for a reformation of the line of succession to not discriminate between German and American families. During genetic testing of the entire royal family and what remained of the aristocracy in order to determine the new lines of succession, a test showed that Princess Emily was not the daughter of Emperor Marcus. Concluding that the Empress had cheated on him, Emperor Marcus brutally murdered the Empress and his children before committing suicide. During the autopsy, it was determined that the initial genetic test was faulty.
  • The tragedy erupts into conflict over who would succeed Emperor Marcus. General of the Army Benjamin Carter, the highest-ranking American in the highest-ranking American family, and Grand Duke Erich, who married into the American royal family, are named as potential successors to the throne which began from a legalistic argument that descends into violence when General Carter seized the Imperial throne by deploying the military to Columbia Prime, beginning the third phase of the Endless War.



  • The third phase of the Endless War concludes in a conservative victory. General Benjamin Carter, having already died before the end of the conflict, is succeeded by his son, David, who gain the throne and sweep away many of the reforms made under Emperor Marcus' rule, justifying this as an emergency wartime necessity.


  • The National Conservative Party is taken control by its radical members and it is reformed to match their nationalist ideology of renewing the Amreican Empire.


  • The National Conservative Party are banned and their leaders arrested by Imperial authorities after the organization became more vocal in their opposition of the Emperor. In response, nearly half of the Imperial military refused to obey Columbia Prime’s orders until the party was re-legalized. The Emperor responded with force, beginning the final phase of the Endless War.


  • Columbia Prime falls to National Conservative forces. The Emperor commits suicide below the Imperial Palace before National Conservative forces could capture him. Chairman Dennis Schneider, a former Imperial Colonel who ascended through the Party ranks during the war, proclaimed the formation of the Coalition of Western Republics. Naturally, Schneider would become the new President of the United States and the first Supreme Director of the Coalition.


  • The Endless War ends with the surrender of anti-Coalition forces, which mostly consists of Kaiserites that managed to escape Imperial custody.


  • Douglas Passerini becomes Supreme Director of the Coalition and begins a series of dramatic reforms collectively called Passerini's Thaw.

2525: Cerafi War

  • July 4: The various human nations on Neu Stuttgart IV launch a series of bombing runs against the cerafi settlements on Gipuzkoa Island, initiating the Cerafi War.


  • The Cerafi War continues as human forces are forced to pull out after a cerafi counteroffensive and later that same year the cerafi made their own landings on human territory. Faced with energy weapons and shielding beyond their comprehension, the humans pulled back further and further to their core cities. Cerafi powered armor allowed the frail aliens to overpower even the fittest human and the shielding let them shrug off all but the most powerful human small arms.



  • The Coalition intervenes in the Cerafi War in order to win the alliance of the Neu Stuttgart humans through defeating the cerafi. Although the cerafi had begged for peace as soon as they could translate the message into the human languages, human bitterness and xenophobia prevailed. The humans would accept nothing more than the complete eradication of cerafi sovereignty.


  • March 6: The cerafi on Neu Stuttgart IV are almost wiped out as cerafi villages were burned to the ground by furious Neu Stuttgart natives and Coalition soldiers regularly butchered cerafi corpses for their distinctive, beautiful carapaces.


  • Douglas Passerini, Supreme Director of the Coalition of Western Republics, is impeached and becoming the only ousted Director in Coalition history.
  • The Coalition makes "first contact" with the Federation of Mankind. A secret alliance is established between the Coalition and the Federation on the premise that the general population of the Federation are kept unaware of the state of the galaxy.



  • The Phoenix Party, a nationalist anti-Coalition, anti-communist party that modeled itself off the old croixist government of the Great War, rise to power in the Kingdom of South Anglia.


  • Having built a cult of personality, the Oligarchal Technocratic-influenced Brother Ngo declare himself as the brother of Jesus Christ.



  • Brother Ngo dies. His successor, Disciple Phan, is install as the new Supreme Leader of the Republic of Vietnam and declares that one day, Brother Ngo will rise from the grave and offer salvation to all.


  • The Imperial War in the Platte System begins as the German Empire of Cottbus attempt to retake the system.


  • On Nova Italia, a failed communist revolution scares the Italian government into enacting martial law. This culminates into a decades-long civil war.



  • The Kassel-Cymaline War ends with the People’s Republic of Cymaline emerging as the most powerful military state in the Inner Sphere.


  • The Kunming System is annexed to the Democratic Republic of Judea and is renamed as the Solomon System.



  • The government of the New American Republic is overthrown by its military that is supported by Directorate of State Security agents and reestablished with a National Conservative government while under Coalition military rule.



  • A Catholic anarchist sets off a nuclear device under the newly rebuilt Parliament building in the Kingdom of South Anglia and sparks off an attempted anarchist revolution. Although the revolution is crushed, it instigates the Anglian Civil War between South Anglia and the newly form Protectorate of Lancaster.


  • The Coalition declares war on the Democratic Republic of Judea based on unspecific causes that is only known to the Coalition, sparking the six-month Coalition-Judean War. The conflict ends in a ceasefire in which Judea enters the orbit of the United Technocracies.


  • The Democratic Republic of Judea and People’s Republic of Cymaline ends their friendly foreign relationship in the Judean-Cymaline Split. This prompt the Judean government to ally with the United Technocracies.
  • The Arbeh Crusades comes to an end and peace resumes in the Fulgenzio System.


  • Antoine Faucheux's Carrion Eagle: The Rise of the American Empire is publish.
  • April 20: A Coalition commando infiltrating a local army unit in Vacuity Pocket 32076A was sent to contain a village near Mt. Dhaulagiri regarding to a presume riot in response to a ‘curse’ coming down from the mountains ‘as it did seven centuries ago.’ The commando is severely hurt by one of the villagers and is immediately return to Research Facility IK-50055 on New Formosa V, where he is placed under medical attention after what he is appear to be infected with gangrene and rabies. All further missions to 32076A are canceled until this issue is resolved.
  • April 23: A third of the entire medical staff in Research Facility IK-50055 are assigned in overseeing the infected Coalition commando, who is behaving erratically and causing further troubles for the medical staff, whom are having difficulty in identifying the disease from Vacuity Pocket 32076A.
  • April 25: One of the medical staff at Research Facility IK-50055 was bitten from the infected commando.
  • April 26: The infected commando at Research Facility IK-50055 is terminated at the behest of the Coalition Army. Following the termination, however, several nurses were infected by the commando after attempting to restraining him, and are put into containment.
  • April 27: Reports of intermittent attacks in Fairfield that are reported to be perpetuated by mostly medical staffers from IK-50055. The facility is put under quarantine and a curfew is put into effect on New Formosa V.
  • April 28: The disease from Vacuity Pocket 32076A are reported to have spread to Fairfield and Newburgh on New Formosa V.
  • April 30: The civilian hospitals in Fairfield are starting to get patients confirmed to be infected with what the media's now calling "Formosa Syndrome." The DSS and the Coalition military starts to make their presence known in IK-50055. The situation in the quarantine zones on New Formosa V are reported to be deteriorating.
  • May 3: Pocket 32076A has been declared banned in spite of several people who want to go there and look for a cure to Formosa Syndrome - which translated texts from the Vacuity Pocket confirms that there are no cures to the disease. The situation on New Formosa V has grown considerably worse as the disease has spread to the other side of the planet, causing Martial Law to be declared.
  • May 5: Planetary quarantine is put into effect on New Formosa V.


  • June 3: Coalition Army Ranger Unit Florida 24 recover the personal log of Dr. Peter Allen.



  • Louise Anna Dijon succeeds her father, Joseph II, as General Secretary of the Conseil of Workers’ Systems after his death. Under the name Louise I, she declared a massive purge of the Conseil government to out traitors, xenos, capitalists and imperialists that had conspired her father's death.


  • The Sorrento bulk carrier Karyn M. McDavis departs for the newly terraformed colony Nova Terra. After arriving in Nova Terra's orbit, dropship KMM 351 crash lands in MacFadden Island. The surviving colonists are stranded on the island.


  • Louise I's purge officially ends when the Conseil began offensive operations against the gusano.


  • Coalition, Conseil, and Technocracy naval fleets that gathered at Akihabara discovers the Akihabaran government's long-term deceit of making concessions to the three superpowers in order to prevent a superpower-backed coup or outright takeover of their planet. Although tensions were high, it was decided that Akihabara is left in isolation but under watch by the superpowers.


  • August 29: The Coalition of Western Republics declared itself "hostile" to the government of Akihabara after a "critical leak of diplomatic information" by Judean affiliates. The leak, according to the Coalition government, involves a secret plan to break the Coalition's historic isolationism and mark the first expansion of the Springfield Pact in decades. The leak resulted in eventual accusations that the Coalition was pursuing the creation of an anti-Conseil naval defense system via annexation of various independent governments, most notably the Republic of Milleaux and the entire Neu Stuttgart system.



  • Charles I, Emperor of Milleaux, a pro-Coalition, attempted to unite his nation with the leading pro-Conseil power, the Euskadi Democratic Republic, through an political arrange marriage between his daughter Kimberly Adelina Paquet and the Euskadi premier Kemen Arana. Unification between the two Neu Stuttgart states was seen unacceptable by the Coalition and Conseil. Although the marriage went to pass on April 21st and leading to the foundation of the so-called Mittelland Union State.
  • Second 240-300 War: Some star systems have fallen completely under control of the Kingdom of South Anglia and Protectorate of Lancaster.


  • An unknown group of assassins, presumably agents of one of the galaxy's superpowers, killed Charles I and two of his sons. Charles I's daughter Kimberly ascend the throne as Kimberly I. After her enthronement, Kimberly I divorced her Euskadi husband, declares herself Empress and Dear Leader of Milleaux, and declare war on the Euskadi Democratic Republic. This subsequently triggers Neu Stuttgart IV's alliance system and beginning a world war.
  • Akihabara grant refuge to six Judean spies, who have discovered evidences of the Coalition’s scrapped plans for control over Neu Stuttgart IV, in exchange for these documents. Originally intending to blackmail the Coalition for whatever demands, the Akihabaran failed to do so as the Coalition have already sent advisers to the fragmenting Mittelland Union State. After failing to appeal to the Conseil and Technocracies for assistance against an angered Coalition, Akihabara forced the superpowers to declare war on the planet by wiping out all life on the planet.


2746: Galactic War

  • Kimberly I abdicates the Milleaux throne as her country falls into disarray and into the control of the Coalition. This move by the very latter cause massive unrest in Milleaux, whom had no desire of becoming part of the Coalition, and forcing Coalition forces to retreat to Alvenzi Island, the Coalition's base on the planet.
  • November 8: With most of Neu Stuttgart IV fall under Conseil influence and seeing no desire to lose the planet, the Coalition planned a desperate last stand on Alvenzi Island. In order to lure communist forces to the island and to keep them on-world, the Directorate of State Security fabricate reports indicating that a xeno-crafted doomsday device lay deep within the island. The Coalition gave orders to fight to the last man, with no retreats permitted. Battlefleet Tripoli of the Coalition Navy is given the order to scour all life on Neu Stuttgart IV and bombard the planet with thousands of nuclear missiles, reducing to a radioactive husk.
  • December 1: Provoked by the Coalition's "nuclear genocide" on Neu Stuttgart IV, the Conseil of Workers’ Systems issued a declaration of war against the Coalition of Western Republics and starting the Galactic War.


  • The Siege of Breline IV begins.
  • January: Coalition military forces conduct Operation Hibernia. 500 Coalition Marines led by Colonel Marcus Hale took over a United Technocracies fortress, Fort 807, in New Belfast after Catholic militias attacked the city's South Anglian spaceport. Fort 807, however, is later retaken by South Anglian forces. Only 50 Coalition Marines along with Colonel Hale are captured and sent to the United Technocracies, where they are tortured into admitting Coalition involvement in the Second 240-300 War in public before being executed. The United Technocracies claimed the attack on Fort 807 as an illegal aggression and demanding all Pactist forces to retreat from the 240-300 area or risk "dire consequences." The Coalition government refused.
  • April 8: The United Technocracies declare war on the Coalition and effectively entering the Galactic War.


  • Coalition Battlefleet Saratoga, under Commodore John Compton, is place in charge of liberating the Manchester system.


  • Battlefleet Saratoga defeat Allied forces at the final stage in the Battle of Manchester.
  • The Laguna Home Fleet is destroyed by Technocracy forces.
  • August 8: The Allies, under Haligonian general Arnold Merrill, on Manchester Prime surrendered to the Coalition.


  • A series of cerafi Arks occupied the gas giants of the United Colonial State.


  • Springfield Pact forces invaded Gallia V.


  • The Battle of Laguna II begins as Technocracy forces orbital bombard the planet.


  • The Siege of Breline IV ends when Confederate forces are wiped out by the Allies. 
  • Conseil Armada counterattacked Pactist-occupied Gallia V, forcing Pactist forces to held most of the planet and elected to fight until the Coalition Navy could relieve them. This resulted in direct conflict between the diggers and the Pactists, as the humans fought for shelter from the nuclear warheads and sonnematerial pulses raining down from orbit.


  • The Technocracies secure Laguna II. However, Coalition forces that survives underground mount a continuous resistance against the Technocracy occupation through and after the end of the Galactic War.


  • Coalition forces counterattacked Gallia V, establishing a pattern in which one side taking refuge beneath the planet while the other rains death and destruction down from orbit


  • The Great Platte War begins.


  • The United Technocracies discovers Vacuity Pocket CA1497 to be inhabited by an advanced alien race, called the Cardinals.
  • John Compton is promoted to Supreme Commander of Coalition Naval Forces.


  • A Haligonian fleet retreating from the Battle of Manchester enter the Platte System and encountering Imperial German military vessels. Fearing that vessels are controlled by a Pactist state, the Haligonians open fire and destroying only one Imperial German cruiser. The Haligonian fleet are almost decimated from a counterattack by the Imperials, forcing the fleet to escape to Halifax. The existence of the Platte System become known to the Allies and Pactist as of great strategic use in which both sides amass their forces in keeping the system from one another's control.


  • Coalition Navy vessels fired on a civilian ship containing Supreme Director Michael Applegate along with the Coalition Navy's top officers, killing everyone on board. An emergency election was held for both Director of the Navy and Supreme Director, in which during a controversial decision, John Compton is promoted as Applegate's successor. In spite of Compton being not officially part of the Coalition Council, he is a military hero and his political views matched the extreme Internationalist trend of the time. The Council eventually decided to break the old tradition and made Compton the 41st Supreme Director of the Coalition of Western Republics.
  • A large Conseil battlefleet led by Marshal Patrice Mercier invades Coalition-held Earth and after three months managed to secure the Eurasian and African continents while preventing Coalition Battlefleet Coral Sea from relieving Coalition forces on Earth.


  • July 4: The Coalition celebrates its millennial celebration of the American Fourth of July.


  • Caesar Books publish Marcus Vitali's Behind the Curtains of Iron: Secrets of the Three Superpowers.


  • Admiral Dietrich Weiss of the Coalition Navy lead Battlefleet Saratoga to retake Earth from the Conseil and engages in one of the most greatest battles in the Galactic War. Battlefleet Coral Sea gains orbital supremacy and relieve Coalition forces on Earth by using its flagship, the George Washington, to lay waste on the Conseil stronghold in the European Alps, which consequently create a new ice age on Earth.


  • Earth falls back under the Coalition, but the planet is greatly devastated to be of any use for the Coalition.


  • Under the order of Supreme Director Compton, the DSS take full control of the war effort. This measure provoked the Five Generals into leading an open revolt against the DSS, sparking the Coalition Civil War.


  • The Athena program rebels against the Coalition in what became known as the Athena Rebellion.
  • The Laguna Coalition resistance finally surrender after the Coalition Fleet Junta negotiate them with promise of their demands of not being punish and being treated well in exchange for their surrender. These forces are later reorganized into the Sixteenth Coalition Army.


  • The Galactic War officially ends under the Treaty of Neu Stuttgart, following the end of the Athena Rebellion and the destruction of the Columbia system. The United Technocracies becomes the unprecedented, sole galactic power. The Coalition is succeeded by the Five Generals regime.


  • The Sixteenth Coalition Army encounter the Grey Swarm .
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