Ad Astra Per Aspera Wiki

Type-162 Pervenche Destroyer

  • Role: Fleet Escort
  • Length: 980 meters
  • Weapons Systems: Twenty EMSEL cannons or ten nuclear missile pods
  • Country of Origin: Conseil
  • Users: Conseil, Communist International, United Technocracies

The Red Armada's destroyers are formidable. Quick, powerful and numerous, these destroyers can create swarms of missiles or screen opposing missiles with their EMSEL batteries, and can be easily refitted with different weapons depending on the mission. The Type-162 Pervenche was the latest destroyer design adopted by the Red Armada, and it proudly continued the tradition. The heavily-armored, heavily-shielded Pervenche may be outgunned by its Coalition rival - the Ulysses Grant-class destroyer, but it is a more versatile design. Each weapon module on the Pervenche can be replaced with ease before - or even during - a battle, to suit the immediate tactical need. Nuclear missiles and EMSEL batteries are typically the weapons placed on Pervenche destroyers, but they also accept coilguns with some modification.