Type 208 amaranthe cruiser by rvbomally-d9hxmqu

Type-208 Amaranthe Cruiser

Developed in response to the modernizing Coalition Navy, the Type-208 Amaranthe cruiser is intended to give more reach to the Red Armada. The Amaranthe can operate independently for months, making it a good choice for rapid response in far-flung systems, and for discouraging raids by the Coalition and the United Technocracies. The Amaranthe is armed with a diverse set of weapons, capable of dealing with most threats it would plausibly face. This includes enough atomic weapons to reduce most worlds to rubble, making the Amaranthe a good enforcement tool, while its EMSEL cannons make the Amaranthe a sensible choice for intercepting enemy missiles. The Amaranthe's habitation ring can house an entire battalion of soldiers, which is useful for invasions and for evacuating troops from a doomed planetary engagement. The Amaranthe's usefulness operating on its own was not lost on its captains, and after the collapse of the Conseil Systems, many Amaranthe captains decided to become independent warlords.

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