Type 501 colchique frigate by rvbomally-d9guk0o

Type-501 Colchique Frigate

The Type-501 Colchique was one of the most numerous designs in the Red Armada, and an iconic symbol of Conseil strength. An older design, the Colchique was based on civilian transport craft that were used to fuel the Conseil's expansion after their formation, and intended to replace the repurposed civilian vessels and aging Soviet frigates that patrolled Conseil space. The Colchique is primarily intended to enforce the rule of Dijonist Communism throughout the stars, by patrolling outer worlds, exploring new systems, and being the first responders to Conseil worlds under threat. The Colchique can operate for months without resupply, and carries enough nuclear missiles to destroy any rogue colony or spacecraft run by hostile non-state actors. The Colchique also serves a role as fleet escort, creating swarms of missiles to overwhelm enemy EMSEL point defense systems, and it can carry troops and dropships for an invasion force. Consequently, the Conseil produced hundreds of thousands of Colchiques throughout the last centuries of its existence, and the design has been repurposed and upgraded dozens of times. The design was adopted by the United Technocracies even before the Galactic War, and has become a staple in its fleets after the war. It is also sighted among many warlords, who either captured them, stole them, inherited them or bought them from the tatters of the Red Armada after the Conseil Civil War.

The Colchiques were actually the catalyst for many rebel fleets during the civil war, as Colchique captains were chosen for their independence and the ship itself was designed to operate independently. When the Conseil's leadership began its purges, these captains were the first to be attacked. Rather than be killed and replaced by toadies, many captains opted to rebel, taking their crew and ship with them. Many of the ships were also used in fleets that roamed the Vacuity pockets post-war, as many served in the Conseil's auszeit fleets.

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