Type 600 fumeterre battlecruiser by rvbomally-d9it7gv

Type-600 Fumeterre Battlecruiser

The Type-600 Fumeterre battlecruiser was developed by the Conseil Systems in response to the aging battleships in the Red Armada being rapidly outpaced by even medium Coalition ships. Taking a different approach to their Coalition rivals, who focus on offensive firepower, the Red Armada instead opted to create an upgunned variant of the concurrently-developed Type-208 Amaranthe cruiser. Although incapable of matching the firepower of its Coalition rival, the Marcus Hill-class battleship, the Fumeterre is armed with heavy weapons that can hold their own against anything lighter than a battleship. The Fumeterre's shields are capable of withstanding several dozen direct hits from high-powered nuclear weapons, and the ship's point defense systems are accurate and cooled enough to destroy hundreds of missiles without overheating. However, hits are unlikely, as the Fumeterre's powerful engines allow it to maneuver as quickly as a cruiser. The Fumeterre's EMSEL cannons are some of the heaviest ever put into combat, and the ship can carry over a thousand nuclear torpedoes. To round it off, the Fumeterre is also armed with a nose coilgun turret. The Fumeterre was the heart of the Red Armada throughout the Galactic War, and hundreds were manufactured throughout the conflict. Most were destroyed during the war, but a few have become the core of various warlord fleets or have fallen in the hands of the United Technocracies Space Force.

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