Type-615 Tournesol Patrol Boat

Type-615 Tournesol Patrol Boat

By the mid-2600s, the Conseil Red Armada needed to replace the aging Collapse-era craft that made up most of its fleet to catch up with their Coalition rivals. The Red Armada, aware that it could not challenge the Coalition's high-tech capabilities, instead took a page from the Red Army's handbook: quantity is quality. This, the Type-615 Tournesol was born.

The Tournesol is one of the simplest spacecraft made in the 27th century. Like its Coalition counterpart, the Thomas Hobbes-class Patrol Boat it is little more than an engine with guns. However, it is far from a technology demonstration; all of its systems are simple to manufacture, such as outdated fusion-fission reactors and the absence of life support.

A variant of the Tournesol even lacks superluminal engines, and are latched onto larger craft and used to assist in combat.

Although a sub-par spacecraft, the Tournesol is one of the most widely manufactured and encountered in the galaxy.

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