Ad Astra Per Aspera Wiki

Type-807 Jonquille Assault Frigate

  • Role: Fleet Escort
  • Length: 515 meters
  • Weapons Systems: One heavy coilgun
  • Country of Origin: Conseil
  • Users: Conseil, Communist International, United Technocracies

Fleet actions against the Coalition taught the Red Armada one bitter lesson: ranged warfare was the king of orbital combat. Seeking to remedy the deficiency in long-range options for its own fleet, the Red Armada opted to emulate the tried and tested Coalition model: a ship that served as one massive coilgun. The Type-807 Jonquille is a considerable deviation from existing Conseil designs; it is far less flexible than other Conseil spacecraft. The Jonquille would see little action prior to the Galactic War, as its role was to escort large battlefleets. The Galactic War would see thousands of Jonquilles fielded against the Coalition and, later, the United Technocracies. After issues with autoloading and munitions supply were ironed out, the Jonquille proved effective against its Coalition counterparts. Its strong engines allowed it to fire heavier shot much faster than its primary rival, the John Adams-class frigate. The Jonquille also proved to be a surprise to Coalition naval planners, who were now forced to fight at greater ranges than they expected. By the end of the Galactic War, the Jonquille proved a popular design, and was widely adopted by the growing United Technocracies Space Force.