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Ulysses Grant-class Gun Destroyer

Developed alongside the Henry Ford-class missile destroyer, the Ulysses Grant-class gun destroyer was intended to serve as the primary destroyer in the Coalition Navy. It was only the later realization that the Coalition needed greater missile support that the Henry Ford was developed, and the Ulysses Grant was redesigned to complement the Henry Ford and modernize the Coalition Navy's destroyer fleet in one swoop. More heavily armed than its Conseil rivals, the Ulysses Grant is armed with eight EMSEL turrets, each with four EMSEL cannons which has limited independent targeting. The spinal coilgun gives the Ulysses Grant extra punch, and while the ship cannot carry many rounds for this coilgun, it allows it to destroy enemy vessels of similar size in a single shot, and do considerable damage to the shields of larger vessels. The modular radiator system can be modified with the addition of more radiator sections, thus decreasing the overheat rate of the ship.