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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Batavian Soviet Republic)
Religion: Imperial cult
Type of Government: Totalitarian
Organizations: Communist International

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (or the Batavian Soviet Republic, as it is known to its enemies) is the self-claimed “true” successor to the Soviet Union and is a moderately powerful but somewhat small interstellar state “bordering” the United Technocracies. It is the eternal rival of the Coalition-aligned state of Dutch Frangolnavia and the United Technocracies and as a result is highly militarized for its size, with 25% of the population fit for military service under arms, with plans for nearly universal conscription in case of total war. Batavia serves as the Communist International’s primary base of operations in the area.


The area now taking up Batavia and Frangolnavia was colonized by the German-backed Dutch state as the German Empire’s prominence declined at the end of the 22nd century. The Soviet Union made a claim to the entire area, and during the Collapse made good on those claims by launching several invasions. The systems were secured with moderate difficulty and the Dutch SSR was integrated into the Soviet Union shortly before the Soviet Union itself collapsed. The area was a warzone between old Dutch nationalists and the communists until the revived Soviet Union invaded and established the Batavian Soviet Republic. When this new USSR crumbled under civil war and Coalition invasion, many loyal remnants fled to Batavia, as it was relatively untouched during the war. The system was highly militarized as the Soviets challenged Conseil attempts at integration. While Batavia did try to regain its former glory through occasional invasions and regime changes in the area, the Soviets covertly supported what would become the United Technocracies during their war with the Conseil. This alliance crumbled with the end of the war, as the United Technocracies became the preeminent threat to continued Soviet survival. The Batavians allied with their old Conseil rivals, an alliance that has survived even during the Galactic War.


Modern Batavia is the sole remaining legacy of Soviet-style communism in the interstellar community. A strong cult of personality is formed around the position of Premier, but not to religious levels as with the Conseil Systems. In fact, religion continues to be banned in Batavia, but this is only official and is not widely enforced. Although historically dominated by ethnic Russians, power has been turned over to the majority Dutch in recent decades. Economically, Batavia is run by human central planners, some of which are honest and others corrupt to the bone. Five or Ten Year Plans are common agendas for Communist Party leaders, some of whose plans succeed but at the cost of millions or even billions of lives. Capitalism is allowed only on the most basic level, and markets serving more than ten people are quickly taken down. Political repression is justified as a necessity in order to fight “bourgeoisie elements” and a culture of denunciation and purges that formed in the old USSR entrenched itself firmly in Batavia’s system.


The military is a powerful force in Batavia and many economic plans are made with it in mind. The Batavian military is massive compared to its country’s population and its massive, but heavy armored divisions and fanatical troops are a force to be reckoned with.