United Martian Directorate
Capital: Tyr (Mars)
Language: German
Ethnic group: German

The United Martian Directorate is the planetary government of Mars that was established in the 2400's.


The United Martian Directorate arose as a hypernationalist Germanic organization that rejected both Soviet communism and American “western” culture which they associated with the Collapse by looking back to Nordic lore. Associating Mars with Tyr (still the official name of Mars according to the UMD and the origin of their symbol), they underwent a massive campaign of “purification.” However, the UMD did not target the mutants of Mars claiming they were a part of the new “Tyrian” nation distinct from the destructive peoples of Earth. After the Collapse, the UMD emerged from the unending civil wars which plagued Mars until the planet was united under the UMD.

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