Ad Astra Per Aspera Wiki

The military of the United Technocracies can be seen as a mix of Coalition and Conseil influences, fitting its history of flirting with both powers. The Technocracy Army is a hodgepodge of homemade materiel and exports from the other two superpowers. On its own, the Technocracies are not seen as a threat, but both superpowers fear the day the second most populous state in the galaxy joins forces with their mortal enemy.


The Technocracy Army deviates from both Coalition and Conseil doctrine in that it is defense-oriented. Given its history of invasion, its relatively insular interests compared to the other two superpowers and its lack of fervent hatred for any one state, the Technocracies focuses itself more on defending from attack rather than launching preemptive strikes. Being only slightly less populous than the Conseil Systems, Technocracy infantry bases itself on Conseil doctrine: mass conscription. However, the technological and industrial disadvantages caused by the war with the Conseil centuries ago means that the Technocracy Army cannot supply its troops to the same extent as the Conseil. Training is a non-issue, and Technocracy infantry units are expected to be replenished quickly as they take massive casualties. Because of this lack of any good training, gun emplacements and other systems necessitating some skill are hard to replace in the Technocracy Army, but these stationary emplacements are the core of Technocracy warfare. Trench warfare is a very common Technocracy strategy, where the battlefield would be filled with trenches swarming with conscripts. Properly executed, these humble conscripts could stop a Coalition armored strike or a Conseil infantry charge. Offensives in the Technocracy army are to be large-scale affairs, to the point that maneuvering is done on the division rather than battalion or platoon level to discourage probing attacks against the enemy. 

The typical Technocracy infantry “section” is composed of conscripts: eight highly untrained men armed with local copies of the century-old Coalition M88 coilrifle. The purpose of the conscript is nothing more than to serve as cannon fodder, a human wall which any attack would be weakened against. Infantry are even assigned the anti-armor role, with conscript commanders told to at the very least clog the enemy’s treads with their men. More elite “volunteer sections” do exist, armed with local copies of the M98r. However, most trained soldiers are tasked with manning volley gun, mortar emplacements and anti-armor cannon, what the other superpower militaries would call a support role. The elite of the Technocracy military, the Commandos, only number in the low millions, and are armed with the newest Technocracy weapons. They function similarly to the Coalition’s Marines and the Conseil’s Legionnaires, but operate in larger groups and are usually less skilled on the individual level. 


Armored warfare takes the back burner in the Technocracy Army. Although they have tried to adopt the Coalition’s OrbitSurface Battle doctrine, the strategic nature of the Technocracy Air Force’s and Technocracy Navy’s doctrine means tactical support is severely lacking. Infantry is still king in the eyes of many Technocracy commanders, with armor serving an infantry support role. Native Technocracy armor is lighter and weaker, but faster than their Coalition counterparts’, and would classify as IFVs and light vehicles in the Coalition Army. Technocracy medium armor, mostly civilian trucks refitted with cannon or self-propelled artillery and tank destroyers, is designed to punch through weak points in the enemy’s lines while light armor harasses and exploits. When the harassment inevitably fails to enemy assault, the armor is to retreat to Technocracy lines, where antitank guns and artillery await the counterattack. Tactically, the Technocracy is lacking when it comes to armor, as they based their tactics on naval warfare: slow but well-armed medium armor serving as battleships, with light and fast armor serving as cruisers. Because most native Technocracy armor is severely deficient compared to both Conseil and Coalition armor, even well-armed Technocracy armor quickly falls to enemy countermeasures. Only imported armor, mostly outdated, can actually put up a fight against the other superpowers. Some Technocracy battalions are equipped with bicycles and ATVs so some battalions would have mobility for reconnaissance purposes. 


While the offensive capabilities of the Technocracy military are less than stellar, they are masters on the defense. When faced with flat surfaces, the Technocracy adopts trench warfare. When the battlefield is in mountains or urban terrain, Technocracy infantry melt into the background and wage a brutal guerilla war against their unsuspecting foes. Even the lowliest conscript in the Technocracy Army knows how to rig ermanic charges onto civilian vehicles. Technocracy officers would recruit soldiers among the locals, sowing confusion and forcing the enemy to commit indiscriminate mass murder to eliminate the threat (not that either superpower particularly minds). Every Technocracy division is supplied with more weapons than men, so they could easily arm locals willing to join the cause. The cheaper nature of Technocracy automatic weapons (simple sonnematerial weapons, as opposed to sonnecoil) makes suppressive fire much heavier in Technocracy-held areas. Mortars are also very prevalent, making advancing through Technocracy areas extremely difficult.