United Technocracies Space Force
Country United Technocracies of Man
Branch Navy
The weakest of the three superpower navies, the United Technocracies Space Force is still the largest division of the Ministry of Peace by funding and fifty times larger than the Sorrentine Navy, the fourth-largest navy in the galaxy.


Descended from the Soviet Space Force, the Technocracies Space Force still implements Soviet and foreign designs originating from the 24th and 25th centuries.

The Technocracies Space Force is considered a weak navy because it lacks the ability to project its power beyond the United Technocracies' immediate borders. However, the Technocracies Space Force is perfectly capable of jumps between the systems of the Technocracy proper, making it a formidable force in a defensive war. More than any other navy in the galaxy, Technocracy captains are trained to know the exact layout of the United Technocracies' systems. This is crucial to the Technocracy strategy of surrounding an advancing enemy fleet by capturing all systems that could have access to the fleet's current location, a strategy used to great effect against the Conseil invasion prior to the Technocracies' founding. Technocracies Space Force command is highly centralized and while captains are given training for independent command they are heavily discouraged from making decisions without the authorization from Supreme Command.

The core of the Technocracies Space Force is the floating fortress: massive starships that are part space station, part warship and part military base. Floating fortresses have more in common with space stations than traditional spacecraft, and they are heavily armed to fend off attackers. Floating fortresses come with enough living quarters, hydroponic stations and other life support systems to support an entire battalion and the floating fortress' crew. The purpose of the floating fortress is that of quick planetary deployment: a battlefleet can enter a star system and deploy planetary forces without waiting for a separate transport force. A floating fortress can remain in space for six months without resupply. Floating fortresses utilize a modular design philosophy so compromised areas can be cut off from the rest of the ship.

Technocracies Space Force ships are, in general, older or inferior designs compared to their Conseil and Coalition counterparts. The United Technocracies lacks the industrial base to create powerful FTL engines en masse, their fuel systems are less efficient and their crews are less experienced when it comes to navigating in foreign space. The dedicated warships the Technocracies Space Force does have are well-designed and have adopted modular systems to prevent shipwide decompression, but are lacking in shielding and armor. They also have superior fire control systems, but these are only crucial in short-range combat. Perhaps most importantly, they lack good observation systems and can get blindsided by missile swarms or EMSEL and coilgun volleys.

Vessels and Equipment

Bayern-class Destroyer

Charles Sumner-class Assault Cruiser

Constitution-class Frigate

Preussen-class Armored Cruiser

Type-615 Tournesol Patrol Boat

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