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A Vacuity pocket is a small pocket dimension that exists parallel to Trueline. Vacuity pockets were initially proper alternate universes, but have been reduced to tiny bubbles several light-years wide by the Chthon Incident. There are an unknown number of Vacuity pockets in the multiverse. Some have been colonized by the superpowers, such as the Coalition and Conseil.


Vacuity pockets were originally parallel universes formed from pre-existing timelines or created in unique Big Bangs. These pockets existed on the same frequency as Trueline, which would later prove fatal to many parallel universes. On January 16, 2239, the American government accidentally initiated the Chthon Incident, which collapsed most parallel universes "close" to Trueline into the Vacuity and reduced many others into "bubbles" only several light-years wide.




Colonial Policies

List of known Vacuity pockets

Designation Description Dominant Cultures Current Status
TW9UZ2 The first Vacuity pocket discovered by the Coalition of Western Republics. A more successful Mongol invasion of Europe sets the continent back several centuries. When the Coalition encountered the world in local year 1987, a remnant of the Mongol Empire was still a great power dominating Siberia. Technology was comparable to that of the Great War and Coalition forces acheived a quick victory. Civilization on the world collapsed, and outside of Coalition-controled urban centers and military bases the world is dominated by nomadic warlords. Mongolian, English, Mongol-American Colonies Coalition colony
QX4178W The second Vacuity pocket discovered by the Coalition of Western Republics. The survival of American president William Henry Harrison led to an early dispute over slavery and the successful secession of several Northern states. Interestingly, the Vacuity pocket was in the middle of a world war during the invasion. DSS officials disputed whether or not to aid the racist, southern-centered United States and its German allies or the pseudo-croixist "Federated Republics of America" and its Russian ally. In the end, the DSS decided to attack both sides from orbit. Because of the various factions' relatively quick surrender, many prisoners were taken and used as CMIs during conflicts such as the war against the Meropians. Weapons from this war were sold on the black market, a practice that continues to this day. The local year was 1938 during discovery, with technology being roughly Great War level. American, Russian, German Coalition colony
83965AZ The third Vacuity pocket discovered by the Coalition of Western Republics. Europe was utterly ravaged by the Mongols and effectively destroyed any chance for a Renaissance. The Aztecs and Inca managed to survive and benefit from half-hearted attempts at colonization by the Mongols. Discovered in the local year of 1858, technology was several decades behind Trueline at the same year. The Coalition did not even bother with accepting surrender and used nuclear weapons to destroy every major city on the world. The survivors were rounded up and sent back to Trueline, while the world was turned into a farming colony.

Mongol, Aztec, Iroquous, Inca, West African

Coalition colony

2IK500N The Mongol invasion of the Middle East was averted entirely, as Mongol forces decided instead to focus on Europe. The great wealth of knowledge lost to Trueline in the Middle East was never lost, and eventually an oil-powered Industrial Revolution was kicked off in the 1700s. By 1864, the year the Coalition discovered the world, technology was comparable to Trueline's 1970s, with more focus on space travel and less on nuclear energy. The world was divided into two camps: the conservative monarchies of Andalusia, Egypt, Bulgaria and Persia and the radical socialistic nationalists of China, India and the New World. The Coalition, alarmed by the extremely quick technological development compared to Trueline, decided to spark a nuclear war between the two power blocs and took over the remains. Advanced satellite technology from 2IK500N was reverse-engineered by the Coalition. Egyptian, Andalusian, Indian, Chinese Coalition colony
VC1SZX This alternate Earth was practically handed to the Coalition on a silver platter. The world's local year at the time of discovery was approximately 55 Million BC, possessing no sapient civilization that could challenge the Coalition. After landing, it soon became clear that the extinction of the dinosaurs never occurred, as descendants of the ancient creatures roamed throughout the planet. The DSS, spotting an opportunity to profit from scientific study on the world, uncharacteristically closed the world off to colonization until lifeforms could be shipped back to Trueline. Eventually, limited settlement was allowed. N/A Coalition colony
551551A The fourth Vacuity pocket encountered resulting from an alternate Mongol invasion, the kamikaze that saved Japan from Mongol conquest in Trueline never materialized. Afterward, the Mongols successfully pushed into North Africa and destroyed Middle Eastern states there, as Christendom secured an alliance of convenience with the Mongols against the Muslim states. When the Coalition encountered the world in local year 1938, the religiously-diverse Mongol states and their Indian allies were united against various Catholic states, led by Spain (a powerful descendant of an early Reconquista), Jerusalem and a French-descendant state in South America. The world possessed technology comparable to the late 19th century in Trueline. The Coalition presented themselves as heralds of God, brought there to assist the crusaders against the heathens. The Coalition's wartime allies became puppet states and eventually annexed into the Coalition proper. Mongolian, Spanish, French Coalition colony
941GR5 [CLASSIFIED. CONTACT DSS ADMINISTRATION] Non-Human Culture Coalition colony
RHJ2E This Vacuity pocket, discovered in 2442, destroyed the previous assertion that Vacuity pockets cannot harbor interstellar cultures because of their size. The DSS fleet sent to conquer the pocket was surprised that the Earth was under complete domination of a spacefaring, South Africa-based slaver culture. Although comparably primitive, Coalition forces were horrified about the possibility of resistance against orbital strikes and the unsavory culture dominating the planet. The genetic engineering technology used by the Afrikaners intrigued the Coalition, but they were later declared abominable and communist (for the Conseil was known to be pursuing similar projects). The DSS promptly ordered a complete cleansing of any inhabited worlds in the pocket, including those of a vaguely democratic American successor state that had established itself in the Alpha Centauri system. Some remnants of both factions are rumored to survive, but DSS projections have shown that none of these civilizations can survive for long. Only a few relics from this Vacuity pocket remain, almost all of which are in the possession of DSS archivists. Afrikaner, Western Exterminated
2JE126 The local year was 1933 upon discovery by the Coalition. There appears to be a difference in how Germany formed. Instead of being Prussian-dominated, it was Austrian dominated. The Austrian Empire quickly dominated all the German states, including Prussia. The Russian Empire and the Austrians would often go to war with one another over Poland and Romania. A war between Austria and Russia, their fourth one by Coalition estimates, spiraled out of control as other countries began to take sides. France and Britain sided with Russia, while the United States of America as well as the Ottoman Empire and Japan sided with the Austrians. This massive war ended with an Austrian victory, but many powers fell in the conflict. The Coalition arriving while the war was going on contented itself to wait for both sides to tire themselves out. Austria, the United States, and Russia remained puppets for a century before their eventual annexation into the Coalition. American, Austrian, Russian Coalition colony
IK68986 The United Kingdom of Great Britain, the French Empire, and the Russian Empire was a key exampled of the rule of three. At the time of discovery, local year 1955, these three superpowers dominated the planet for centuries and had technology comparable to the Great War with nuclear capabilities. Paris, London, and Moscow burned from nuclear fire, and thirty other cities followed before their complete surrender. Puppet governments, most notably a United States that covered both American continents, were maintained for three decades before their annexation. Russian, French, British Coalition colony
82769A The local year was 1786 upon discovery by the Coalition. This was a rather strange Vacuity pocket because of the presence of a Korean dominant culture. The Joseon Empire, after crushing the Japanese invasion of Korea, launched a counter invasion. The deeply divided Japan and the horribly unpopular Toyotomi leadership lead to Korea dominating Japanese Daimyo and Shugo while the Emperor remained a puppet. The Koreans would then expand into the Asian and Australasian islands and taking much of the west coast of the Americas. Meanwhile the Holy Roman Empire solidified into a single unified state. Their technology was very primitive and no puppet governments were established with conquest. Chinese, German, Korean Coalition colony
EE3080 The local year was 1910 upon discovery by the Coalition of Western Republics. This is the first Vacuity pocket encountered by the Coalition that seems to have shared a similar point of divergance from Trueline with another Vacuity pocket (2JE126). This one appears to be of an earlier point in history where the French were more dominant than the United States in North America. This would presumably change after the Great War and the French were kicked out of the Americas (along with the British) establishing American hegemony. It is also important to note that the two Vacuity pockets do not share an identical history, just a very similar one sharing a point of divergance. Conquest went easier than 2JE126 and puppets were maintained for a similar amount of time; the nationalist United States government happily aligned itself with its "cousin." This pocket is of considerable interest to scientists who wish to see if they can travel to Vacuity pockets sharing a similar history rather than the mostly random method in use then. French, Russian, Austrian Coalition colony
RXVY75 One of the more diverse Vacuity pockets encountered, it was discovered by the Coalition in local year 1913. It shares its divergence point with its "neighbor" 32076AC in that both alternate Earths have Formosan Flu in place of bubonic plague. Used by the Mongols as biological weapons, Formosan Flu ravaged the Middle East of this Earth. The Eastern Roman Empire survived and managed to hold off most invasions of their lands. Anatolia was never surrendered and much of the Greek homeland remained under their control; in fact, the Byzantines expanded into the rapidly depopulating Middle East. Bulgaria, Serbia, and Bosnia found themselves annexed. The English won the war of the thrones with France, taking control of much of France proper while taking over the British Isles. Meanwhile the Spanish and the Andalusians formed colonies in the New World, dominating the region. The Italian states of Genoa, Venice, and the Kingdom of Two Sicilies would attain colonies and establish trade routes throughout the New World and Old, following a similar path of the Dutch in Trueline. Their technology was significantly more advanced than expected. The Coalition was forced to completely irradiate the entire New World in order for the Old to understand its situation. The states were puppetized and remained puppets to this day, but colonists have taken control of most of the habitable land outside the puppet states. Weapons from the Vacuity pocket have been used by the Coalition to aid their allies, notably Milleaux. Greek, English, Iberian, Italian Coalition colony
32076AC Another Vacuity pocket relating to the Formosan Flu, this time Mongol efforts focused on Europe. The European states were weakened to the point that the forces of Islam easily claimed the continent for themselves. This led to Arab, Chinese and Indian explorers colonizing Africa and the Americas. By the time of Coalition discovery, the world was fighting the "Boundless War," a war between the Islamic powers of Persia, Songhai, Firanja and Scandinavia against the Chinese bloc, which included Sinicized Native American states of the Yingzhou Union and Fusang Empire. These states quickly rallied together during the Coalition invasion. Because Coalition explorers were bitten by Formosan Flu infectees and caused an outbreak in Trueline, the DSS marked the world for destruction. Although the states were geared for war, the primitive Great War-era technology used by the states of 32076AC could not help them against orbital fire and 28th century military might. Although the original plan called for a primarily orbital extermination, the escalating situation in Trueline called for more naval pressure. To compensate, death squads and mobile crematoriums were requisitioned from Trueline operations to process the population. When the State Church heard about the religious situation, they added more requirements for military operations on the world. Georgia, the only Christian-majority state left on the world, was puppetized and aided by the Coalition. Holy sites of the major world religions were burned to the ground, their leaders crucified to make them suffer for their sins. Because of the resolution marking auszeiters as "false humans, "32076AC's remaining population was enslaved. Some were sold to Coalitionists, but most were sold to powers that traditionally enslaved humans, such as New Rome. Chinese, Islamic, Indian Exterminated
HG62503 Full coordinate designation HG6250337. While records are unclear due to the nature of Operation Malestrom Angel, it is believed that history diverged from Trueline's during the early 16th century. Conjecture tells us that Habsburg rule did not falter but rose. Cooperation with the German and Spanish portions of Charles V's empire continued for much longer. English power was destroyed via an invasion by Habsburg forces and Catholic rule in the country was restored. Records pertaining to the formation of states such as Neu Bayern or the Christianization of the Chinese are spotty; more research will have to be conducted. Germany was not unified under the Prussians but rather the South Germans; Prussia remained independent and degraded into a pseudo-socialist state. Latin America becomes the dominant New World power, a position they keep even by 2057. Records indicate that four global wars were fought between the 1900 and 2000, resulting in a massive shift of power away from Europe and toward Asia and the New World. By 2057, the most powerful states were the German Confederation, Hispanic Union and Chinese Technocracy. This Vacuity pocket’s dependence on tabulator technology crippled them during NCPDF invasion. The advanced technology was, at time of discovery, far too advanced for Coalition engineers to understand, but tabulators from 83373A are now serving as a technological bridge. German, Iberian, Chinese Coalition colony
917MIC With a point of divergence several decades before the Great War, the powers developed differently in the few crucial years leading up to the war. Germany and her allies would come out victorious against the British, French, and the Russians. The British, following the early war, succumbed to a great deal of internal turmoil which resulted in their entire empire declaring independence from them leading to their fall to a third rate power. The French and Russian states met a different state. Socialism and nationalism became exceptionally popular in both down trodden states. While the Coalition expected nationalism to win out, it only did so in France. Both states were rebuilding for another war against the German lead powers. Right before war could begin, the Coalition arrived. They supported German led-forces, as well as the United States and other former British states, and kept them as puppets for over a century. Germany and the United States still remain puppets, but the rest have been annexed. German, Russian(S), French Coalition colony
IH7128 The Coalition was dismayed to learn that the United States of this Vacuity pocket never agreed on the Constitution in 1787, instead staying a confederation for the next few decades before debates on interstate commerce and slavery tore it apart. The Republic of Texas competed with the Confederation, a Virginia-led remnant of the United States government, over the various independent republics. By 2004, the year of discovery, nuclear-armed Texas has united the continent under a military alliance designed to protect against the German Reich, Socialist Russia and the Japanese Empire. The Coalition opted for a covert takeover of the Texan government and gradual integration of North America. A few well-timed assassinations and forgeries brought the Japanese to war against the Russians, and later the Russians against the Germans. When the Coalition officially revealed itself, the Old World was battered by war and crumbled against Texas and light Coalition support. German, Russian, Japanese Coalition colony
GB3735 This Vacuity pocket’s politics presented a problem to the Coalition in the guise of a blessing. The world was dominated by the Christian absolute monarchies of Russia, France and Spain, with Britain and Austria lagging behind. As in Trueline, shooting protesters and torturing prisoners was commonplace; unlike many Vacuity pockets, a transition from the old system to National Conservatism was going to be relatively easy. The world was divided between the Romanov-Habsburg camp and the Bourbons. However, GB3735 diverged from Trueline in that the French Revolution failed, restoring the Bourbons. The forces of absolute monarchy later crushed the American Revolution and Americans were mistreated. A rift between pragmatic Coalitionists and ardent National Conservatives arose. The pragmatists favored quiet takeovers through secret agents weaseling their way into the courts of the various nations, while the radicals wanted to avenge the old Republic and destroy monarchy in the name of National Conservatism. The radicals pointed out that the monarchs would not give up their power to anybody and would mobilize their populations to resist Coalition attempts to take over; it was better to launch a military assault against the world, which was technologically comparable to Trueline during the 1950s. The radicals won the debate and after the heavily publicized bombardment of Constantinople and Versailles the Coalition sent in planetary forces. Russo-French forces, originally poised to destroy one another, were slaughtered in the Battle of Frankfurt and Coalition Marines landed in the capitals of the various European empires to capture or kill the royal governments. National Conservative republics were formed out of the old empires and eventually annexed into the Coalition. Russian, Spanish, French, Austrian, British Coalition colony
455ASN Another Vacuity pocket centering on the Mongols, this time the infamous Genghis Khan dies before he is able to unite the Mongols and conquer most of Eurasia. Throughout history, English, French and Chinese empires rise and fall. The 20th century empires of Italy and Russia were destroyed after two global conflicts, seeing the rise of a socialist Western Europe and a German and Chinese empire; the rest of the world was engulfed in a state of limited warfare. Although tempted to align itself with Germany, the Coalition eventually decided that it was too similar to the United Technocracies of Man and would have to be put down sooner or later. Like HG62503, the tabulator-dependent culture was torn apart through the use of EMP attacks. Chaos reigned afterward, allowing the Coalition to quickly destroy whatever vestiges of the old older remained. However, this pocket held out longer and caused quite a few casualties among the Coalition ranks. Many of the technological wonders of this pocket, especially atomic machines, continue to baffle Coalition engineers. With many of the pocket’s intelligentsia killed during the war, the Coalition must reverse engineer these technologies on their own. German, Chinese, Italian Coalition colony
1359NPL The French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was victorious over the alliance mobilized against him by avoiding a disastrous Egypt campaign and successfully wooing the United States over to his side. With the death of prominent British commanders such as Nelson and Wellington and the delaying of a Russian invasion until just after winter’s end, Napoleon was eventually victorious over Europe. France would betray the United States by supporting the slaveholding South in its war of secession. A war between the monarchists of Austria, Russia, Prussia and Britain against Napoleonic France, Germany, Spain and Poland resulted in the humiliation of the monarchists. A socialist revolution overthrew the Habsburg and Ottoman empires, while in the New World a slave revolt overthrew the Confederate government. By the time of the Coalition’s discovery, nationalist Prussia, Russia and Greece were jointly invading Poland, Germany and Bulgaria, while Napoleonic France tried to align with the socialists it tried to crush just a few decades earlier. The Coalition was happy to find a nationalist United States facing off against a socialist “People’s Confederacy.” Supplied with 28th-century technology, the nationalists happily crushed their old enemy while their benefactors ravaged Europe’s cities. Napoleonic, communist and nationalist troops united to challenge the Coalition in Austerlitz, where they were slaughtered en masse by Coalition armored units. Leaders from all three blocs were executed publically by a United States that now spanned the entirety of the New World. The United States and the Coalition now work on crushing insurgencies in Africa and Asia through mass destruction of farmland. French, Russian Coalition colony
2209GE The alternate development of European alliance systems sees Britain, France and Russia against the German, Austrian and Italian Empires. The Great War of 1914 lasts until 1920, wherein an uprising by German communists overthrows both the German, Austrian and Italian empires, sees the creation of the Union der Sozialistischen Räterepubliken, with Italian and Hungarian communist states in its immediate sphere of influence. A civil war in Russia ends with the abdication of the Tsar and the foundation of a nationalist, militarist government which fights a war against the communists until 1925. France falls to croixism in 1931 and during a civil war in Spain, France and Russia send support to the nationalist faction while the communists support the Spanish republic. This war ends with the communist-backed republic’s victory. When the Coalition discovered the world in 1941, the French and Russians were busy trying to crush the communists between them, while the Japanese Empire attacked Russia’s far east and Britain and the United States kept away from the conflict. The Coalition supported the French and Russians and sent spies to take over the United States government. With the help of orbital bombardment, the rest of the world submitted to the Coalition and its allies of the moment. The remaining governments were later absorbed into the Coalition proper. German(S), Russian, British Coalition colony
87555N Axis Victory World, the first vacuity pocket to successfully resist Coalition Military Conquest. Their resistance, however, was not entirely successful. Over half of the planet was lost to the coalition. A second attempt would result in the entire planet going under coalition rule. Puppets for all four major nations are still maintained. German, Japanese, Italian, American Coalition colony
83373A The First vacuity pocket to completely resist conquest. It is also the first 'universe' reached by the coalition. The pocket is believed to exist on another frequence than trueline and all of the other vacuity pockets. After the Coalition lost the Sol System no further invasions occurred. A planned Conseil invasion of the pocket was shelved. American, Chinese(S) Resisted Conquest
8793SN [CLASSIFIED. CONTACT DSS ADMINISTRATION] Non-Human Culture Resisted Conquest
OTS5MPF Recovered historical artifacts reveal that the slavers were victorious in the Battle of Antietam and managed to secure British and French recognition of their treasonous state. Their victory would only last nine decades, for during the 1940s a United States that had elected a socialist government (much to the Coalition’s surprise and anger) crushed the Confederates. The collapse of Imperial Germany’s economic bloc resulted in a socialist revolution in Russia during the 1960s. The democratic Germans and Austrians faced off against socialists on both sides. This prolonged conflict would end with the return of democracy to the United States and the weakening of the German bloc. By 2001, the date of Coalition discovery, the world was policed by a centrist United States busy fighting off a rather insane invasion by socialist “ultranationalist” Russia and various insurgent groups in the Middle East. Knowing they would have to enact Plan Armageddon regardless, the Coalition instead used a few tactical nukes to turn the conventional war on the surface into a nuclear one. The Coalition fleet mopped up the survivors. American, Russian(S), Indian Exterminated
7815BNW According to surviving records, history diverged from Trueline during the War on Treason, when the British and French aided the Confederate States in defeating the United States. After losing a world war in the 1910s, the Confederates radicalized under a nationalist, racist ideology and achieved victory over the United States in a second global conflict in the 1940s with the aid of her French and Austrian allies. What remained of the Union was either annexed by the Confederates, formed into various Confederate puppet states or joined Canada. By 2016, the year the Coalition discovered the world, the Confederates dominated the Western Hemisphere, challenged only by a Brazilian empire and the weakening socialist Canada. The Franco-Austrian rivalry in Europe turned the continent into a divided camp, with a communist Russia struggling to keep itself afloat. Asia was dominated by a croixist China, and a theocratic “Islamic Republic” in Saudi Arabia jockeyed for power with a moderate republic in Persia. Although 7815BNW was encountered when Plan Armageddon was still in action, the Coalition military did not hesitate to exterminate the world. A world dominated by traitors and heretics could not be allowed to live. American, Chinese, Arabian, Brazilian Exterminated
9891SVS Vacuity Pocket 981SVS is a Vacuity pocket which appears to have diverged from Trueline in its 1880s. The Soviet Union formed far more quickly than it would have due to a greater amount of incompetence on part of the Russian Tsars. Russia, in turn, would assist in the people's liberation of China. This occurred while much of the world was too busy focusing on their own affairs, due to a great recession which plagued most of the world. The USSR and the PRC would soon form and develop a close bond between the two. The USSR would, through the work of Boris Kavinsky, merge with the PRC to form the USR, or United Socialist Republics. The USR would quickly become a superpower in the world, many states that were experiencing great internal turmoil found massive socialist uprisings turned against them. By 1970 the Sino-Russian USR paired off against the Anglosphere, the sole remaining alliance of non-socialist states. Nuclear war would break out between the two in 1977 with the USR becoming the victor. When the Coalition discovered the pocket in 2005 they were horrified at the fact that the entire world was socialist and that a Soviet successor state had spread to include all of Eurasia and Africa. The planet was quickly exterminated. Russian(S), Chinese(S) Exterminated
3150AE One of the strangest Vacuity pockets with a recognizable history ever encountered. For reasons unknown thanks to incomplete records and a nearly insurmountable language barrier, the civilization of ancient Egypt survived up until the 19th century. Although recognizably different from the ancient Egypt of Trueline (Hellenic and, to the DSS' surprise, Germanic influences abound), the state was still much closer to its roots than the modern Egypt of Trueline. An initially insurmountable language barrier and the enforcement of Plan Armageddon threw out any Coalition attempts at diplomacy. The lack of Christianity in this Vacuity pocket led the State Church to declare all locals damned by default and symbolized this declaration by ordering the nuclear destruction of local holy sites. Interestingly enough, many of the locals have taken to worshiping the Coalition as vengeful gods, even if the Coalition is unaware of it. This Vacuity pocket was discovered in local year 2004, but had technology comparable to Trueline's 18th century. The world was eventually loaned out to various private corporations, which use the world for various purposes. Egyptian (ancient), Arabian, Roman, Chinese Exterminated
20FH44F Another Vacuity pocket which diverged during the War on Treason. The perfidious slavers were victorious during the Battle of Gettysburg and secured their independence. Throughout the rest of the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States and Confederate States were used in Europe’s “Great Game,” with the United States aligned with Russia and the Confederacy aligned with Britain. In 1904, a global war pitted the Entente of Russia, France, and the United States against the Alliance of Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Confederate States. The Alliance was victorious, plunging France, Iberia and Austria into socialist revolution. A bitter United States adopted militant, racist croixism and pledged vengeance against the Alliance. During the second global war, the Iron Pact of the United States, Imperial Japan and the socialists of Europe waged a war of aggression against the Alliance of Germany, Britain and the Confederate States. The war ended in Pact victory. A cold war between the American Union, Japan and the socialists of Europe dominated geopolitics for the rest of the century, ending with the fall of Japan to the United States and the democratization of united Europe. By 2039, the American Union was by far the dominant power, with a dictatorial China, social-democratic Europe and a resurgent nationalist Russia lagging behind. The presence of orbital weapons platforms, nuclear weapons and the enacting of Plan Armageddon gave the Coalition little choice but to cleanse the world. American, Russian, Chinese, United Europe (S) Exterminated
8651SW The French Revolution appears never to have occurred inside this pocket, forming the earliest perceivable divergence from Trueline. Instead the French Kingdom, under the Bourbons, continued to rule the country with a strong sense of stability. The Russian Empire continued to expand slowly and steadily over time; it would take Japan as a protectorate and support a puppet Empire in China ruling from Bei Ping (Beijing). Meanwhile the French would have a puppet ruling from Nanjing. The British Empire would experience periods of turmoil and stability, but it slowly entered a period of decline and entered into the ranks of the second rate powers by the 1940s. The United States would quickly come to fill the void as the British Empire fell. Canada would be annexed while former British colonies would be maintained as puppet territories. The Spanish Empire never fell to nationalist movements, but that would have been a kindness. The state fell into decrepitude and is several decades behind the other major powers. In the 1960s nuclear weapons were invented. Soon most powers would have them, but nuclear war never seemed likely between the largely stable French and Russian hegemonies or between either and the United States. An area of concern was the two Chinese States, which were fueled by nationalism and the desire to reunite 'Tianxia'. The Northern Wei Empire and the southern Zhao Empire would always have nuclear weapons aimed at each other to unite China by force if necessary. When the Coalition arrived the two states were ready to destroy one another; all the expedition force had to do was set it off. The war immediately brought in Russia and France, who were reluctant patrons of both factions in the conflict. The resulting maelstrom led to the devastation of the Old World. The United States then tried to bring the world together again and tried to reform the nuclear devastated regions. The Coalition, however, had their orders. The United States had developed several space orbital stations and had a base on the Moon. The entire planet would be nuked from orbit. Due to a lack of resources the bombardment did not glass the entirety of the planet, but odds are any survivors would die from radiation sickness in a matter of months. American, Russian, French, Chinese Exterminated


The smallest Vacuity pocket encountered by the Coalition, Vacuity Pocket 60C41W resembles a misty, subtropical pre-Collapse Terran island only several hundred kilometers wide. Trueline scientists are still baffled by 60C41W’s nature and many despair that no scientific explanation would ever be found for most of the phenomenon occurring in 60C41W. The strange nature of 60C41W has led to the SSA establishing a permanent outpost in the pocket.
One of the first, most apparent oddities of 60C41W is that all who enter it end up either in or near a small, decrepit town of Puerto del Rey, situated in the center of an island in the middle of a seemingly endless sea. Anything attempting to move out into the ocean or to escape the “planet” this island seems to be on never succeeds. Attempts to move away from the island on a horizontal plane encounter hundreds of kilometers of ocean before they inevitably come upon the island again, even if there have been no changes in direction. Attempts to move away by ascending into the atmosphere meet with an endless atmosphere; even light analyses of 60C41W’s “Sun” show that even a rapidly ascending ship is not moving any closer to the Sun. Digging through the island or descending into the local ocean’s depths both prove impossible; attempts to dig don’t even hit magma and diving vehicles are forced to surface before the ever-growing pressure crushes them. The central island plunges into the ocean several miles beyond the waterline; Coalition attempts to find the bottom have also failed. The idea that the “surface” of 60C41W is infinitely large is unpopular due to 60C41W’s gravity being nearly exactly the same as Earth’s. The weather in 60C41W is always overcast and the sun never sets; this strange weather does not have any detrimental effect on local plant life. A strange mist covers the entire Vacuity pocket, making aerial reconnaissance nearly impossible. Even groundside forces have to be equipped with fog lights just to navigate the pocket.
Evidence shows that Puerto del Rey is not native to Vacuity Pocket 60C41W, or if it is whichever agency constructed it is aware of at least one human civilization. According to signs and documents found in the town, Puerto del Rey is located somewhere in the old American state of Florida, but records both from Trueline and every Vacuity pocket where Florida exists show no record of any such town existing. American flags found in the town show a fifty-star version of the old Stars and Stripes, a design never used in Trueline. Otherwise, Puerto del Rey resembles a 21st century American town; its origin in the 21st century is corroborated by calendars found in the town claiming a date of March 2010. The amount of time Puerto del Rey has been in 60C41W is indeterminate; structural degradation indicates several decades, while the aging of its inhabitants and the decomposition of corpses in the area indicate no such significant passage of time.
The small town is centered on an empty town hall, with several small family-owned stores down “Main Street.” The only large buildings in the area, aside from the town hall, are the marina on the coast and Kensington High School near the outskirts of town. A suburban area surrounds the town center, which abruptly ends with corn fields and marshland further into the island. The only signs of human habitation beyond Puerto del Rey are a set of tents deep within the marshes; twelve bodies were recovered there.
Puerto del Rey is the home of hundreds human corpses, all of which mauled or mutilated in various horrific ways. These corpses are normally found in homes, but a group of about fifty corpses (children of ages thirteen to seventeen, and a few adults) are found in Kensington. Some bodies are dressed in police and military uniform; the uniforms do not match any known to the Coalition. Weapons found near the bodies are similarly unknown and have empty or near-empty clips. Empty casings and bullet holes are found all over town. There are no signs of who, or what, these men were shooting before they perished. The town hall and the high school each have strange “altars” made from materials at hand decorated by dozens of mutilated corpses. Writing in blood can be seen encircling these altars; the script is unknown but prolonged exposure to the writing causes headaches. Puerto del Rey has strange psychological effects on troops stationed there for any length of time; even the most psychologically fit report seeing hallucinations within a few days, normally playbacks of regrets in their life. One soldier who became lost in the city eventually killed himself. Screams that he was being chased by “them” led a task force to them, but it was too late. His weapons were out of ammunition by the time he was recovered; he used the last round in his sidearm to commit suicide. After the incident, even battle-hardened veterans refuse to be stationed in Puerto del Rey. The Coalition outpost was instead moved ten miles away from the city, with patrols sweeping the city once every 24 hours.
The marshland beyond Puerto del Rey are covered with vegetation and animal life consistent with descriptions of pre-Collapse Florida Everglades and examples of the area within pristine Vacuity pockets. The same cannot be said for oceanic life; oddly, no vertebrate lifeforms can be found in the ocean. There is a great abundance of plankton and algae (despite a lack of bright sunlight) and clinging to the shelf of the central island are dead coral reefs. Squid have been seen swimming in the ocean, but the species of squid present are Pacific and not Gulf or Atlantic. Coalition hydrophones have detected massive, ultra-low frequency sounds in the water. The sounds, when detected, occur in pattern and originate from a single spot in the ocean at depths that would crush any known submersible. Analyses of the sounds indicate that the most likely source is a massive lifeform yet to be discovered.

Non-Human Culture Coalition colony
14A5M2G A more destructive wave of revolutionary action in 1848 split Europe into two camps: the “democratic” west composed of France, Spain and a German nationalist republic and a revived Holy Alliance of Austria, Prussia and Russia. The conflict between the two sides would dominate continental European politics for the next century until the unstable situation between the three Germanies sparks war in 1889. France, western Germany, the Ottoman Empire and Japan aligned against the Holy Alliance, with Great Britain and the United States warily watching the conflict. The Prussians and Austrians successfully dismantle the republican German state after the war, with Prussia succeeded by a united German Empire. Austria and Germany suffer a split later on, with Austria moving toward the Russians and the Germans moving toward the British and Americans. A cold war starts between the two sides, with costly proxy wars in Persia and Algeria dominating the 1930s and 1940s. By the time of Coalition discovery in 1955, nuclear weaponry had not been discovered; the cold war was enforced by relative equity of conventional military strength. Because of Plan Armageddon’s recent repeal, the expedition force was well-equipped for conquest, which took weeks to complete. Russian, German, Austrian Coalition colony
91031CE Diverging during the 1000s, this Vacuity pocket diverged from Trueline when the Song Dynasty of China fully industrialized. This allowed the Song to repel the Mongols, which went on to devastate Europe and the Middle East. China never destroyed its fleets or turned away from the outside world as it did in Trueline; instead, in the pursuit of new markets and resources, the Chinese expanded into Indochina and Oceania. The Indian subcontinent was turned into set of constantly fighting vassal states. When Europe was throwing off the yoke of the great Mongol khanates in the 1300s, a Chinese fleet discovered the Americas in what is known in Trueline as San Francisco Bay. The Americas were colonized by the Chinese, who also began to open up merchant stations in Europe and dominate trade in the Middle East. By the 1600s, when the Chinese colonies in America were throwing off their colonial masters, this Vacuity pocket’s technology resembled that of the Great War. A great war of European conquest in 1798, waged by the Hungarians and Lithuanians against the heavily Sinicized western Europeans and their Chinese allies, saw the first deployment of nuclear weapons. Europe was devastated and was rebuilt by Chinese and American funds. By 2042, the date of Coalition discovery, Europe had united and rebuilt over the centuries and was competing with a stagnating China. While their tabulator technology was inferior to the Coalition’s, the natives had relatively large interstellar fleets armed with coilguns and nuclear-powered EMSELs; combined, they could challenge even the smaller members of the Springfield Pact. The DSS ship sent to discover the area was overwhelmed and forced to retreat. Back in Trueline, the DSS requisitioned an entire Navy battlegroup in the middle of a gusano crusade. Not wishing to fight over the ships with the crew, the DSS quickly equipped the ships with gravity drives and sent them to the Vacuity pocket without informing the crew of Vacuity Syndrome. DSS crews cleared the ships of the insane sailors and commandeered them, waging a war of extermination against the locals. When the DSS returned, only half of the ships returned in battle-ready condition. The Navy and DSS still have disputes over the incident and the appropriate use of state resources by different departments. Chinese, European Union Exterminated
CNW54CA Several thousand years before discovery, this civilization was centered around Earth before a catastrophe forced them to flee the dying world. Coalition historians believe that civilization diverged from Trueline’s during antiquity; the civilizations encountered were utterly unrecognizable. They established themselves on a world not too far away and quickly flourished there. They were an incredibly advanced civilization with tabulating technology that the Coalition could only dream of. Then, approximately two hundred years prior to discovery, their technology turned against them. It developed sapience and attempted to imitate its creators; distressingly, it had taken control of several bioscience facilities and created life of its own. A long war between the two factions saw humanity swarmed by the numerically superior machines. What remained of the human civilization formed to various gangs of ships that traveled the relatively small pocket scavenging for resources. With Earth beginning to recover from the disaster, the Coalition believed it would be ready for colonization. The Coalition arrived and swiftly conquered the remnants of humanity. The sapient machines, while of particular interest, were deemed a threat. The planet was literally picked apart as the crust warped and the mantle oozed onto the surface of the planet-destroying much of the technological civilization. Some remnants of the technology were salvaged and are being researched. The still contaminated Earth is only suitable for low grade colonization driven primarily by the native humans themselves, who have found the Coalition to be their saviors. The native religions were a mixture of pagan, polytheist, and monotheist faiths and were deemed heretical by the Church. Initially slated for extermination, the native's quick adoption of the State Church allowed for their continued survival. It is unlikely that any serious colonization would have occurred without the continued native presence. Non-Terran Human Culture Coalition colony
EL2354 It appears as though Germany and Russia took several radical turns in doctrine during the 19th century. The United States quickly expanded into the entirety of the North American continent, crushing a weak Mexico and several other weak republics. A Russo-German alliance was founded in order to counter the British, which controlled much of the world at the time of its formation. Russia would expand in Asia while Germany would expand in Europe; both slow expansions that quickly gained pace. The Balkans found themselves completely under German and Russian control. When war between the Russo-German alliance and Great Britain both sides strained themselves tremendously as neither could score significant victories on the other. The United States, seeing a weak Great Britain, invaded Canada and several other colonies shattering British power in the Americas. British power elsewhere found itself collapsing as well. The Germans and Russians have since parted ways plotting against one another while the United States seeks to capitalize on the situation. This is seen as a textbook example of the Rule of Three. With technology comparable to the Great War when they were discovered in 1939, conquest began in the local year 1955. Total victory is expected. American, German, Russian Conquest Pending
13125S Divergence from Trueline appears to the Napoleonic Wars, with Napoleonic France holding on to much of Europe. French-dominated continental Europe and the British Empire competed with each other for puppets in order to embarrass one another. The Qing Empire appears to have modernized itself to the point where it can resist outside influence as well as outside influence within the tributary system. The United States never became a major state and remains a rather limited state without access to the Pacific; a powerful French-backed state of Louisiana has control over the continent from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Technology is more advanced than expected for the local year (1890), being around what would be seen in the Great War. As of now, little is certain surrounding the Vacuity pocket. British, French, Chinese Conquest Pending
1311IN The history of this Vacuity pocket is largely unknown, but is expected to be sometime after 1861 and before 1865 due to the existence of a large Confederate States. Marx is known to have existed, but how a Dutch state could have become dominant over the Indian Ocean rim is unknown. Russia is, interestingly enough, a confederated capitalist democracy dominating Eurasia. As this information was gained through a mysterious visitor and not actual exploration, more information will be required. Dutch(S), Russian Conquest Pending
EL2690 A few changes in evolution had lead to a different form of life gaining sapience: a variant of the Neanderthals, a species wiped out by mankind in Trueline. Without the human race around to outcompete them the sub-human species managed to grow and thrive. They never amounted to the same sophistication as Trueline humanity, but with a fledgling written language and even the early development of religion they were the source of much scientific curiosity. Several scientists were brought in to study the alien culture. After the scientists and the state was satisfied colonization began. Neanderthals exist in some small states for anthropological studies in the more barren parts of the planet, but for the most part they were removed to make room for the colonists. Some have been used as conscripts and domestic helpers in Trueline proper. N/A Technocracy colony