20FH44F was a Vacuity Pocket in which is one of many realities that diverged during the War on Treason.


The Confederate States were victorious during the Battle of Gettysburg and secured their independence. Throughout the rest of the 19th and 20th centuries, the United States and Confederate States were used in Europe's "Great Game," with the United States aligned with Russia and the Confederacy aligned with Britain. In 1904, a global war pitted the Entente of Russia, France, and the United States against the Alliance of Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Confederate States. The Alliance was victorious, plunging France, Iberia and Austria into socialist revolution. A bitter United States adopted militant, racist croixism and pledged vengeance against the Alliance.

During the second global war, the Iron Pact of the United States, Imperial Japan and the socialists of Europe waged a war of aggression against the Alliance of Germany, Britain and the Confederate States. The war ended in Pact victory. A cold war between the American Union, Japan and the socialists of Europe dominated geopolitics for the rest of the century, ending with the fall of Japan to the United States and the democratization of united Europe. By 2039, the American Union was by far the dominant power, with a dictatorial China, social-democratic Europe and a resurgent nationalist Russia lagging behind. The presence of orbital weapons platforms, nuclear weapons and the enacting of Plan Armageddon gave the Coalition little choice but to cleanse the world.

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