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2BYFN5 was a Vacuity Pocket that is set 1.99973 billion years in the future.


Discovered by the Coalition, 2BYFN5 was relatively discovered and was one of the most important vacuity pocket in existence. The pocket itself was not much smaller than the Solar System, extending approximately 1.5 Chthon’s distance from the Sun as a radius. Its size is certainly not what makes it special, its specialty comes from the date inside the pocket. It is, exactly, 1.99973 billion years in the future. This calculation by the Coalition took a great deal of time to decipher due to the completely alien nature of the celestial sphere of the vacuity 'walls'.

The vacuity pocket was decidedly marked with several major areas of extreme resource depletion. Most of the moons and planets were seemingly torn apart and repurposed by some civilization or another. For instance, all of the Ericson Belt that had been part of the vacuity pocket were sheared away. Of the total solid usable matter within the vacuity pocket, it is less than .01% of what would have been typical for something of this size. That is not to say that the vacuity pocket is completely barren. Jupiter remains stalwart in the Solar System, though most of its gases have been lost to the unknown. The Asteroid Belt and all known non-planetary bodies appear to no longer exist within the Vacuity Pocket. The planets Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune do not exist.

Venus and Mars were long thought to have been among the planets missing until a strange object was found orbiting the Sun from the Ericson Belt. This object, covered in an unknown language, was completely void of technology or life. After the Coalition tested the object it was determined that Mars and Venus were used to create the object. What power could take planets and forge them in such a fashion is completely unknown. It was such a frightening prospect that some considered withdrawing from the vacuity pocket in order to avoid coming into contact with the power that could do that.

Among the most curious matter inside the entire vacuity pocket was the Earth. Though almost two billion years have passed, the continent and atmospheric make-up is an identical match to that of the post-industrial age. Though two billion years had passed and evolution would most certainly have changed life on the planet in a number of inconceivable ways, the wild life was nearly identical to that of Earth some 800 years ago.

There have only been four anomalies that have been inexplicable. Deep sonic disturbances, appearing to have come from extraordinarily large aquatic life were picked up from orbit. Off the coast of what would have been American Oceania a single bone was discovered to be almost 30 meters long. There were doubts that it could have been a bone, but chemical analysis appears to suggest that it is.

The third anomaly is the presence of a sole spire. It is greater in size and scope than the Egyptian pyramids, constructed with concrete and steel. Its peak actually breaches some of the middle layers of the atmosphere and affects global weather patterns. All markings on the spire are in English, including one massive engraving noting the spire's name: "The Hand of God". Several attempts to map out the interior of the spire have been made, but only a fraction of it has been explored. As of yet, no new technology has been discovered. In fact there is nothing of any kind that appears to be more advanced than the technology available to mankind during the twentieth century, though it is obvious the construction of the spire alone would require a far more advanced level of development. Most of the Coalition personnel who go down to the spire give reports of shadows and whispers, though nothing appears on any recording equipment with one possible exception.

Lieutenant Max Tanner led a group of eight men into the 432nd entrance on the north side. Being the first initial foray into this part of the spire everything was recorded. After marching for several hours through various rooms and hallways, Tanner and his group arrived into something that could be described as a massive clothing store. Pale mannequins filled the room with rows upon rows of them. Heat sensors, motion detectors, and electronic sweepers picked up on nothing. After ten minutes the first of the men in the group reported hearing whispers. After that Lieutenant Tanner followed the standard protocol of returning to base (this was established after some members went missing after reports of whispers.) The last known message to base was Lieutenant Tanner stating he too was beginning to hear whispers.

Lieutenant Tanner and his group would never make it back to base camp. A smaller group was sent into the area to try and find the missing group, largely to punish them for insubordination. They would only find one of the group: Lieutenant Tanner was found hung by his own intestines by the entrance to the store. Underneath him, written in Lieutenant Tanner's blood, was the message "There are bodies everywhere." A small recording device was recovered and when the film was reviewed it showed the trek to the store without fail. As Tanner and the group were leaving, the recording stopped with only a brief couple of moments showing through. The first moment showed a room of corpses and the dead piled in heaping masses. The second moment showed Tanner shouting to his group to come back, with shadows shifting constantly in the light. The third, and final, moment recorded on the device was that of Tanner carving up his own stomach and pulling his intestines out.

The fourth anomaly would be the presence of a black obelisk where the city of Rome would be. This obelisk is made from a material unknown to mankind. Many disagreed with the assessment that the obelisk is plain black, stating that it appears to be so black that you can fall into it. Light does not pass through it or is reflected off of it giving it a sense that you could fall into it simply by touching it. No readings have come from the obelisk, as all attempts have inexplicably failed. A number of people who study the obelisk appear to say that there is a "spiritual" presence within the object. They cannot describe it in words, but they feel drawn to the object. Two people who have spent a fair amount of time studying the object later killed themselves.

There are also several other factors that are wrong with the vacuity pocket other than its apparent barrenness: the shrinking of Jupiter, the reformatting of Venus and Mars, and the presence of a pristine Earth resembling its state during the 20th century. The Sun, being 2 billion years older, is using up far more energy than before. The Earth, however, does not experience its effects, though its orbit is unchanged. Another curiosity is the Moon: it has no craters of any kind. Lastly there is the constant presence of background noise from outside the vacuity pocket. Constant signals appear to bombard the Coalition implying the presence of something more beyond the vacuity pocket's peripheries. Most of it is incoherent static, but one such signal appears to have captured a woman screaming in agony. This signal goes on a continuous loop as it travels through the vacuity pocket leading some to believe this is a remnant of one of the last human being's moment recorded in the pocket.

The unnatural emptiness of the pocket gives off the impression that there is something fundamentally wrong with it. The Moon has become the common source of nightmares and obsession by Coalition sailors that do not go down to the surface. The only place where there are no incidents is the orbit around the vastly diminished, but still existing, planet Jupiter. Many have started to question and suspect the planet for it is the only other planet left in the entire Solar System. The vacuity pocket, however, remains little more than a curiosity for the Coalition as they continue to send people into the pocket to discover some form of technology they can use.