62PDMH was a Vacuity Pocket in which humanity is decimated by an unknown, horrifying alien force.


Vacuity Pocket 62PDMH is nearly identical to Trueline. Cosmically and historically, there are no significant differences until the mid-19th century. The only immediately discernible difference is the complete destruction of human life on Earth through some sort of apocalyptic event, initially speculated to be nuclear in nature. Coalition satellites later revealed to have originated from an alternate Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and a "Union of American Socialist States," that were found on Luna and Mars; one was circumnavigating the Vacuity pocket, revealing that the inhabitants perhaps knew that something was abnormal about the physical state of their universe. The apocalyptic event was estimated to have occurred during the 2010s, although thanks to differences in physics it is impossible to accurately determine.

Coalition investigation revealed a more horrifying fate than nuclear war. There were few signs of nuclear war; the cities were in too good condition for that to be the case and climatological and radiological studies on the atmosphere reveal no significant nuclear exchange. Orbital and aerial reconnaissance revealed long, stringy tentacles sprawling over major cities, disappearing into sewer lines and large buildings; these were called “hubs.” The cities of Kishinev, Edinburgh and Chicago were almost completely covered by the tentacles. From the hubs, tentacles reached out to large forests where they infected trees; only the deepest parts of the Amazon rainforest remain unconsumed. Thermal scans revealed that the tentacles had a uniform temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. Talkie transmissions were received from major hubs, revealing mostly static. Some transmissions were that of endless screaming, which vocal analysis later revealed to be consistent with human screams. Attempts at communication via talkie transmissions were met with mixed response.

Coalition scouting parties in London, Leningrad and “Debs City” (Washington, D.C in Trueline) were attacked by emaciated corpses of humans and large animals when approaching the hubs. The corpses were mummified and, in place of blood, a black inky substance of unknown origin nourished them. Each was connected to a tentacle, normally through the neck or back. Although no Coalition soldiers were lost (modern small arms fire easily dispatched the assailants), they were forced to fall back from major population centers. Before retreating, the scouts were able to recover some of their attackers, pieces of the tentacle systems, and took video of the attack. Analysis of the tentacles and the corpses revealed they were composed of a type of eukaryotic “universal cell.” Although orbital and aerial photography gave Coalition scientists the assumption that the tentacles were plant-like in nature, the cells had more in common with that of large animals, including muscle, sinew and a cartilage internal structure. Recognizable fragments of human DNA were found in both the tentacles and human bodies but distribution was even between the two. Both the bodies and the tentacles emitted large amounts of Vacuity radiation. The creature was dubbed the “Debs Beast” for the city in which Coalition forces first encountered it.

Coalition raids into military installations revealed pieces of 62PDMH’s story. Somehow, the governments of 62PDMH were made aware of their status as a pocket universe and made plans to escape it. The Soviets, British and Americans made attempts to escape the pocket by constructing Vacuity portals in Kishinev, Edinburgh and Chicago. Presumably, these portals led to an alternate reality that housed the Debs Beast which proceeded to consume all life on the planet. After this revelation, hardliners within the expeditionary force command structure called for the immediate cleansing of the planet, but cooler heads prevailed. Instead, the expeditionary force asked DSS High Command for orders. High Command ordered the force to establish colonies on Luna and observe the Vacuity radiation emitted from the three cities, so that the coordinates may be determined and avoided.

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