7815BNW was a Vacuity Pocket which is one of many reality that diverged during the War on Treason.


According to surviving records, history diverged from Trueline during the War on Treason, when the British and French aided the Confederate States in defeating the United States. After losing a world war in the 1910's, the Confederates radicalized under a nationalist, racist ideology and achieved victory over the United States in a second global conflict in the 1940's with the aid of her French and Austrian allies. What remained of the Union was either annexed by the Confederates, formed into various Confederate puppet states or joined Canada.

By 2016, the year the Coalition discovered the world, the Confederates dominated the Western Hemisphere, challenged only by a Brazilian empire and the weakening socialist Canada. The Franco-Austrian rivalry in Europe turned the continent into a divided camp, with a communist Russia struggling to keep itself afloat. Asia was dominated by a croixist China, and a theocratic “Islamic Republic” in Saudi Arabia jockeyed for power with a moderate republic in Persia. Although 7815BNW was encountered when Plan Armageddon was still in action, the Coalition military did not hesitate to exterminate the world. A world dominated by reds, traitors and heretics could not be allowed to live.

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