A card authorizing the first Coalition invasion.

87555N was the first Vacuity Pocket the Coalition encountered that had been able to successfully resist conquest. Dominated by three totalitarian states: Germany, Japan and Italy, the world is a textbook example of the Rule of Three. Although native forces have prevented full conquest, much of the planet fell to the Coalition. A second invasion destroyed remaining resistance.


After the first invasion, a Coalition backed United States was established to control the Americas. This United States is a direct successor of the various German-backed states; most of the old establishment was left intact.

During the second invasion, the Kingdom of Italy quickly changed sides, maintaining their territorial integrity and some autonomy. Again the Japanese and Germans resisted, but many more distant regions were sacrificed. In their race to modernize for the second attempt they advanced a hundred or so years in a few decades, which helped solidify the idea of a second invasion attempt, unheard of in official Coalition history at the time, and this time Japan and Germany fell. While they remain officially as states, they are completely occupied.

Great Powers

  • Third Reich/Nazi Germany
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Empire of Japan
  • United States of America (No longer considered a great power, but was independent and a fourth major culture in the world)
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