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91031CE was a Vacuity Pocket that diverged from Trueline's during the Chinese Song Dynasty in the 1000's in which China was Earth's dominant global power.


The divergence began when the Song Dynasty successfully used the Jin to act as a buffer against the Mongols and eventually fully industrialized. This allowed the Song to repel the Mongols when they finally invaded, which went on to devastate Europe and the Middle East. China never destroyed its naval fleets or turned away from the outside world as it did in Trueline; instead, in the pursuit of new markets and resources, the Chinese expanded into Indochina and Oceania. The Indian subcontinent was turned into set of constantly fighting vassal states. When Europe was throwing off the yoke of the great Mongol khanates in the 1300's, a Chinese fleet discovered the Americas in what is known in Trueline as San Francisco Bay. The Americas were colonized by the Chinese, who also began to open up merchant stations in Europe and dominate trade in the Middle East.

By the 1600's, when the Chinese colonies in America were throwing off their colonial masters, this Vacuity pocket's technology resembled that of the Great War. A great war of European conquest in 1798, waged by the Hungarians and Lithuanians against the heavily Sinicized western Europeans and their Chinese allies, saw the first deployment of nuclear weapons. Europe was devastated and was rebuilt by Chinese and American funds. By 2042, the date of Coalition discovery, Europe had united and rebuilt over the centuries and was competing with a stagnating China. While their tabulator technology was inferior to the Coalition’s, the natives had relatively large interstellar fleets armed with coilguns and nuclear-powered EMSELs; combined, they could challenge even the smaller members of the Springfield Pact. The DSS ship sent to discover the area was overwhelmed and forced to retreat. Back in Trueline, the DSS requisitioned an entire Coalition Navy battlegroup in the middle of a gusano crusade. Not wishing to fight over the ships with the crew, the DSS quickly equipped the ships with gravity drives and sent them to the Vacuity pocket without informing the crew of Vacuity Syndrome. DSS crews cleared the ships of the insane sailors and commandeered them, waging a war of extermination against the locals. When the DSS returned, only half of the ships returned in battle-ready condition. The Navy and DSS still had disputes over the incident and the appropriate use of state resources by different departments.