CNW54CA was a Vacuity Pocket that diverged from Trueline's during antiquity and experienced a catastrophe that forced Earth's population to evacuate the planet.


Earth on CNW54CA diverged greatly from Trueline in which its civilizations are greatly different and unrecognizable. They established on a not too far away world quickly flourished there. They were an incredibly advanced civilization with tabulating technology that the Coalition could only dream of. Then, approximately two hundred years prior to discovery, their technology turned against them. It developed sapience and attempted to imitate its creators; distressingly, it had taken control of several bioscience facilities and created life of its own. A long war between the two factions saw humanity swarmed by the numerically superior machines. What remained of the human civilization formed to various gangs of ships that traveled the relatively small pocket scavenging for resources.

With Earth beginning to recover from the disaster, the Coalition believed it would be ready for colonization. The Coalition arrived and swiftly conquered the remnants of humanity. The sapient machines, while of particular interest, were deemed a threat. The planet was literally picked apart as the crust warped and the mantle oozed onto the surface of the planet destroying much of the technological civilization. Some remnants of the technology were salvaged and were being researched. The still contaminated Earth was only suitable for low grade colonization driven primarily by the native humans themselves, who had found the Coalition to be their saviors. The native religions were a mixture of pagan, polytheist, and monotheist faiths and were deemed heretical by the Coalition State Church. Initially slated for extermination, the native's quick adoption of the State Church allowed for their continued survival. It is unlikely that any serious colonization would have occurred without the continued native presence.

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