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EL2354 was a Vacuity Pocket.


Beginning in the 19th century, Germany and Russia took several radical turns in doctrine, and United States quickly expanded into the entirety of the North American continent, crushing a weak Mexico and several other weak republics. A Russo-German alliance was founded in order to counter the British, which controlled much of the world at the time of its formation. Russia would expand in Asia while Germany would expand in Europe; both slow expansions that quickly gained pace. The Balkans found themselves completely under German and Russian control.

When war between the Russo-German alliance and Great Britain both sides strained themselves tremendously as neither could score significant victories on the other. The United States, seeing a weak Great Britain, invaded Canada and several other colonies shattering British power in the Americas. British power elsewhere found itself collapsing as well. The Germans and Russians have since parted ways plotting against one another while the United States sought to capitalize on the situation. This is seen as a textbook example of the Rule of Three. With technology comparable to the Great War when they were discovered in 1939, conquest began in the local year 1955. Total victory was expected.