Vacuity Pocket GB3735

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GB3735 was a Vacuity Pocket where Earth was dominated by the Christian absolute monarchies of Russia, France and Spain, with Britain and Austria lagging behind.


Much like Trueline, the Christian monarchies rule with an iron fist as shooting protesters and torturing prisoners was commonplace; unlike many Vacuity pockets, a transition from the old system to National Conservatism was going to be relatively easy. The world was divided between the Romanov-Habsburg camp and the Bourbons. However, GB3735 diverged from Trueline in that the French Revolution failed, restoring the Bourbons. The forces of absolute monarchy later crushed the American Revolution and Americans were mistreated.

When the Coalition discovered GB3735, a rift arose between pragmatic Coalitionists and ardent National Conservatives. The pragmatists favored quiet takeovers through secret agents weaseling their way into the courts of the various nations, while the radicals wanted to avenge the old Republic and destroy monarchy in the name of National Conservatism. The radicals pointed out that the monarchs would not give up their power to anybody and would mobilize their populations to resist Coalition attempts to take over; it was better to launch a military assault against the world, which was technologically comparable to Trueline during the 1950's. The radicals won the debate and after the heavily publicized bombardment of Constantinople and Versailles the Coalition sent in planetary forces. Russo-French forces, originally poised to destroy one another, were slaughtered in the Battle of Frankfurt and Coalition Marines landed in the capitals of the various European empires to capture or kill the royal governments. National Conservative republics were formed out of the old empires and eventually annexed into the Coalition.

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