HG6250337 was a Vacuity Pocket which diverged in the 16th century in which the Habsburg Monarchy did not decline.


The Habsburg rose in advancement, such as cooperation with the German and Spanish portions of Charles V's empire being continued for much longer. English power was destroyed via an invasion by Habsburg forces and Catholic rule in the country was restored. Records pertaining to the formation of states such as Neu Bayern or the Christianization of the Chinese were spotty. Germany was not unified under the Prussians but rather the South Germans; Prussia remained independent and degraded into a pseudo-socialist state. Latin America became the dominant New World power, a position they keep even by 2057. Records indicated that four global wars were fought between the 1900 and 2000, resulting in a massive shift of power away from Europe and toward Asia and the New World. By 2057, the most powerful states were the German Confederation, Hispanic Union and Chinese Technocracy. This Vacuity pocket’s dependence on tabulator technology crippled them during a NCPDF invasion. The advanced technology was, at time of discovery, far too advanced for Coalition engineers to understand, but tabulators from 83373A were serving as a technological bridge.

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